Hi I'm Michael, new Product Manager. Let's Chat!

Big time. @mike has been giving me the Roon grand tour


Maybe we get a nice fado playlist in the works. Any favorites come to mind?

Hi @michael , nice to welcome you in community. As for myself - I am music hoarder with big offline library (>0.55mil) connected with tidal and qobuz. I like exploring music that I don’t know yet, looking for less popular bands in prog rock, indie, slowcore, metal genres, stoner rock. Often looking for gems on user lists on sites like Rate Your Music, so I hope that one day I will see some integration with it or we can use user-made addons to customize Roon without breaking it :slight_smile:

I would love to hear what goals you have as a Product Manager in the company (KPI’s ?).






It would be helpful to know what your job description is and what it means to you.

Congrats on the new gig!

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Welcome @michael!

Early and happy user here. Roon is my main dashboard/control interface onto my music providing a single pane across my ripped/purchased collection (ca 15k tracks) and Qobuz.

Problem is that Roon is so central to my music listening now that it has become totally “mission critical”. When it fails it drives me and my family to distraction. Poor renderer implementations (one in particular) pointing to poor QA in your partner program, are my number one gripe. Have some wish list ideas as well, mostly connected to improving search.

I’ll book a slot for a chat. I’m really passionate about the product and would love to help in any way I can.

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Congratulation on your new adventure with Roon, @michael and welcome to the community.

Michael welcome to Roon, and good luck with the onboarding process.
Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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Welcome, hope being together and closer to the community Roon will have a great growth!

Welcome to Roon Product! I’m your complement: Portuguese living in America :smiley: I checked your sign up but it looks like your times and mine (California) don’t quite match. My one wish for Roon product is that it would make it easy to keep multiple Roon setups in sync, as I spend substantial time at several different locations, and carrying my Roon Core around is not ideal. As for music, modern jazz dominates (from recent activity: Nik Bärtsch, Kevin Eubanks, Omri Ziegele, Binker & Moses, Mark Turner, Marquis Hill, Bill Frisell, Gordon Grdina, Jeff Parker, Tim Berne, …) and other modern classical and world music (Kayhan Kalhor, Ismo Eskelinen, Anouar Kadour Chérif, Dhafer Youssef, Ballaké Sissoko, …)


Hey @Neil_Small,

I’m happy to report that @mike isn’t going anywhere. @michael Is a new addition to Roon’s Product team. We’re happy to have him and thank all of you for the warm welcome! :pray:t2:


Welcome aboard the Crazy Train @michael .

Hold on tight…


Welcome, Micheal to the best UI on the planet, peroid!


Welcome @michael !

Roon is part of my daily listening routine. I use it for Live Radio, to listen to old favourites and to find new music. I use it with HQPlayer and they are the only digital players I use. Roon isn’t my sole source as I am listening to more vinyl and hoping that more can be done to improve digital SQ.

One of the things I really like about using Roon is the support for metadata in Live Radio. I listen to Radio Paradise and being able to click on an album or band from the Now Playing screen to find new music feels really good.

One thing I’d like to see is the ability to start Roon and play a track or album from a link in the ‘What We Are Listening To’ thread. This is the most popular thread on the Forum and it has always felt slightly lame that we can’t click and play.


Welcome @michael talking of playlists… That would be my main wish for development, Danny asked for ideas five or more years ago and there has been very little work since.


@michael Nice to see some more new names on the Roon Staff roster. Maybe I’ll get hired one day too :wink:

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Michael- Welcome and good luck to you! There is a technical problem that, based on the many comments I’ve seen in the Community Chat area, needs to be swiftly acknowledged and addressed by your team. It appears that the newest build of the Roon Core software, build 923 of Version 1.8 is resulting in many users not being able to connect to Roon Core in any way (remotely, directly, makes no difference).
I, obviously, am one of these unlucky folks, but actually very relieved that it appears to be a software problem and not something worse (and that it’s not a one of a kind problem for me and Roon staff to figure out!)
I’m working with one of the technical stall here online and it has gone rather slowly, but I’m hopeful that it IS software and that it can be fixed very soon. I’m missing the music!
Thank you and welcome to Roon!

Welcome @michael! Thank you for reaching out to the community – it is a very welcome gesture. I’ve taken you up on your offer and booked some time with you next week. Now I feel like I have some homework to do to ensure that my 15 minutes are as productive as possible! :slight_smile:

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Welcome, maybe start with a picture (just kidding)


Best thing about Roon - the whole package!

Worst thing about Roon - the inability to gracefully handle box sets!