Hi I'm Michael, new Product Manager. Let's Chat!

Welcome aboard, good to know the Roon staff is growing.

Hopefully back to the point of less than 24 hours response time for problems. I don’t have any issues, thankfully, but I feel for those that do and understand their frustration. Try to help if I can, and try to stay out of the way when I have nothing to offer. That doesn’t always work and sometimes adds to their frustration.

On the bright side, I’m a Roon lifer since the trial, 2.5 years now. Loved it the first day and every day since. It has brought so much musical enjoyment into my home.

Good luck to you and, again, welcome aboard…


Welcome Michael!

I’m a seven-plus year user of Roon. Don’t really have 15 minutes of feedback/suggestion so no need for me to schedule with you.

But if I could make one change it would be the queue behavior. I would like to be able to see a lot more than just eight tracks on my computer and five tracks on my phone at a time. (The space each track occupies is too big for me; I don’t need for every track to tell me I’m the one that added it or a largish album cover thumbnail on every individual track.) As I’m an old school album listener I would also like to be able to delete entire albums from the queue in one step rather than ‘control + click’ on every single track then ‘remove from queue’.

Anyhow, glad you’re here, interested and available.


Hi Michael

Tell us about your audio system…


Hello and welcome!

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I’m mostly a jazz listener. But I’m a bed-wetting Deadhead.

My major frustration is with the way Roon handles download files from historical shows from the Archive. They play out of order which is a major no-no when songs segue from one to another.

Hi Michael and welcome. I really enjoy Roon as it is. The best new feature I can think of would be an automatic room correction function, taking advantage of Roon’s DSP capability. That would probably involve a partnership with Dirac or someone similar.


Hi Michael, I’m sorry I missed you yesterday. Work demands rather got in the way. I hope you’ve had some great chats with the members here.

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Great to have you with us, @michael.v

YES! Importing Playlists works, but it should be also possible to export them, as xls (okay - but PLEASE keep the sequence in the xls according to the playlist in ROON) and also m3u

And I have one more "suggestion"resp. “request”: Don’t overload the dev team, as to my feeling they have to do some re-factoring to get Roon more stable …

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how about Ana Moura?
for fado playlist…

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Don’t miss JULIO RESENDE. Recent and young, basically instrumental piano that re-creates traditional fado classics. Quite impressive.


Hi @michael
Welcome and best of luck in your new job.

There is a Fado Roon playlist already.


Welcome Michael,

I’ve been looking at lots of multi-room systems recently and have included my Roon setup in the mix for the evaluations. Roon is definitely one of the easier options to use.

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts when you are ready…

Cheers, Neil

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Congratulations and welcome aboard!

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Hi Michael and welcome. I listen to jazz, c-jazz and some classic rock and pop. I’ll include the list of my top 5000 performers in another post. My “ask” is to please keep our party going. Best wishes. John

I totally agree. It’s a shame you can’t yet share music directly from Roon and this is something on my radar to prioritize.


Hi, Michael. Congratulations, and best of luck with the new job. I’m a Roon subscriber in New York. There are three people in my household and we all use and love Roon. I want to raise three points about how I’d like Roon to improve. I hope it’s appropriate in this thread.

  1. Profile Passcodes: Each member of my household has an individual Roon user profile I’ve set up for them. This is mostly effective at keeping our usage separate. However, sometimes someone else’s profile reverts to mine, by itself. This usually happens after a Roon software update. It takes time for someone to notice. Then my Roon home screen and history become a mess. If Roon could implement a pass code for each profile, this could be avoided.
  2. Sticky Settings: We don’t use Roon Radio. I keep it turned off for each profile. However, sometimes the setting gets turned back on by itself. This usually happens after a Roon software update. I’ve seen music playing over the network for days to an endpoint that isn’t listening before I notice it and turn off Roon Radio again. If Roon could make the Roon Radio on/off setting stick, this could be avoided.
  3. Transparent Certification Process: The Roon Ready Certification process is too thick and opaque. It takes much too long for device manufacturers to complete the process, and the process provides customers and prospective customers with no sense of status. I’ve been ready to purchase a particular endpoint device, waiting only for Roon Ready Certification to complete. I’ve been waiting for more than a year, with no indication of where it stands. Is it imminent? On hold? Canceled? I have no way of knowing. Roon does not provide any transparency. Manufacturers typically say only “we’re working on it”. A status page listing all certifications in progress and some notion of how far along would be fantastic and much more customer-friendly.

Thanks for listening. Again, good luck with the new job. Roon is a great platform and it makes music listening easier and more fun for my family. I’m a happy customer hoping to see the platform grow and improve. Best…


I think the suggestions from @SalR406 here are great. I also use several profiles and can subscribe to the concern.

What I would also like to add is the wish that regular updates, as Roon does now, should go through absolutely without complications; without having to reset settings or reconfigure audio devices. I spend a lot of time after each update to set my Roon back to the way it was before the update, and that bothers me a lot.
Many greetings.

Hegel announced Roon readyness. Three years later…
I think it’s opaque for a reason, hard won experience.

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