Hi I'm Michael, new Product Manager. Let's Chat!

Hi Michael,
Great approach. I do PM work too, mostly for uk gov though. Are you the first PM at Roon!?!

No, he’s not. Mike Fass (@mike )has been Product Manager since the beginning. As @jamie said earlier in this thread, Mike will still be around.

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Just had a great chat with @michael.

I can only encourage everyone to share your experiences, feature requests and criticism with him.

I see that Roon is a developing product and if you have gripes with it this is a great way to communicate with the company. Better than the forums, that is.

Besides other things I stressed the importance of a better playlist management. We agreed on that.

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I am merely the young padawan to @mike


thanks for these! I’m sensing that some of the pure bug issues will be fixed with our increasing focus on stability/QA/testing. We regularly review crash logs and user feedback post-release to see where/how things are breaking so please do continue to let us know.

The passcode is an interesting idea. I want to browse other multi-profile apps for some inspiration here and see how they handle it. For example, my grandma recently blew up my Netflix algorithm with a lot of Downton Abbey/English drama watching. How can we make Roon’s profile switching feel child/grandma-proof?


thanks! happy to be here :slight_smile:

Ah thank you. Really had to dig to find this. Roon playlists don’t return in search results. We need to improve that.


Not impressive! I come from a production background so if I have studio monitors and flat EQ headphones, I’m happy. Leaning on you guys to help me learn the audiophile world. Any recs for creating an entry level setup?

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Thank you @rrwmd ! Killer feedback. Agreed especially regarding height of items in queue. Would go further and say line height elsewhere suffers similarly (playlists notably). I use a tiny iPhone SE and this has been a sticking point for me. This is something I would want to consider and weigh across multiple places in Roon. On my radar.


Hey! Welcome and thanks for reaching out!

Not sure I understand what you’re referencing here. Could you elaborate?

it’s high on my list. Any specific threads you’d like to resurrect? I’ve tried combing the community but I’m sure I haven’t gotten everything.

The calendar link says it’s not valid…

I’m sure we would all love to help with this! Maybe it would help if you can tell us what you are starting with and what you are looking for.

For example, do you already have a core (Nucleus)? How many zones do you think you will have? Loudspeakers vs Headphones or both? Do you already have an amp and speakers or is that a part of what you are looking for our input on? What is your budget? What music do you lean towards and what do you look for in a sound signature?

Hello Michael!
Great to see Roon team growing! Welcome, neighbor, i’m from Lisboa :slight_smile:

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I think this is the main thread that people re referring to wrt to ideas for playlists.

In addition there are several threads in the feature suggestions section that cover playlist improvements. Hopefully this link will bring them up for you.



Congrats on your new role :grinning:

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Welcome and best of luck. I enjoy using ROON and want to continue using it for years. Ihave backed off all other media and look forward to the future using ROON but i am worried and concerned about the software becoming so heavy that it makes my front end sources/Cores obsolete. I have no problem with ROON backing off on the intense graphics and focusing on the quality of the streaming and reproduction of the source material if that will prolong the end life of our cores. I have thousands invested in my cores and want to be comfortable knowing that these items will last for years. I keep my turntable in reserve always for the iust in case day but am appreciiative to have a place to voice concerns someone like yourself can keep in mind and i’m sure many folks have similar concerns. Be well and best of luck in your future there.

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I can only confirm that. I bought a Nucleus in autumn 2020 and am currently worried that the thing might not be enough in the foreseeable future. And then it would be virtually worthless - I wouldn’t want to make that investment every few years.

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Hi @michael, thank you for being the awesome kind of PM who wants to talk with customers! It always surprises me how many don’t.

  1. This: Hi-Res on Android? UAPP integration?
    Being able to use my phone with a quality dac and headphones would be a dream and I’m sure for many who may not only be into speakers. But even with speakers, these phones are amazingly cheap, quality endpoints, and for example: Neil Young Archive uses LG V60 Quad Dac, why doesn't Roon? (And I assume LG V20, V30, V40, V50)

  2. Offline! Roon mobile: Syncing Music Files To Portable Devices for local playback [On Roadmap]
    I was on a trip recently and I wanted to listen to something I already own, but did not have access to it. Being able to download albums and play on the go would be a dream.

I still recall the first time I heard internet/network based audio and it was radio, pre 2k and somehow this was streaming to my computer. I was blown away and hooked. I’m impressed what Roon has accomplished so far and look forward to even greater things (discogs and/or Apple music integrations? rainbows and unicorns :)).

Keep up the great work and thank you for creating the feedback loop!


Hi Michael,
When I found ROON it was the answer to all my hifi problems :slight_smile:
I’ve been a fan of Meridian Audio kit for many, many years and now have systems in 4 separate rooms. When I get round to building my workshop that will make 5. I tried the Meridian multi room control system but it is so clunky that it was no use to me.
I have lots of physical CDs but finding the right one and sharing between rooms is tough. I have ripped them into Apple Music (well iTunes originally) which helps finding them but doesn’t solve the multi room problems.
And then you start buying albums as digital downloads in higher resolution and bit rates. And then you sign up to a streaming music service, in my case Qobuz. Music stored all over the place!
I also listen to a lot of radio during the day but all the stations I enjoy are slowly moving off FM onto DAB. DAB often poor quality. Planet Rock, my favourite radio station, broadcasts in Mono! But on internet streaming its in reasonable quality stereo.
So ROON with its enhanced library functions, multi room capability, streaming and Live radio capabilities solves all these problems. After a short trial I bought a life membership.
But now Bauer Radio, the owners of Planet Rock and a lot of other popular internet radio stations here in the UK, are changing their streaming interface to require you to log in. See

So very soon I will no longer be able to listen to my favourite radio station from within ROON. Which means that now I’m going to have to go back to using multiple user interfaces again. What a pain, especially as most of the Apple macs I’m using for ROON endpoints do not have displays!
I want ROON to address this problem of having to log into Bauer Media stations. After all where one stations leads, others will soon follow. And Sonos has fixed the problem with an add on “App”