Hi, recent roon's need to buffer for a few seconds when switching from one local song to the next,

Hi, recent roon’s need to buffer for a few seconds when switching from one local song to the next, but this was not the case before, I wonder if it is because my roon core is installed on NAS, the performance is not satisfied and therefore the delay (note: For this reason, I bought a brand new Lenovo Y9000P laptop. I installed the core on the i9 laptop, and then I imported the NAS core backup, but it still remains the same after use, often switching songs need buffered, and sometimes it is normal, which makes me quite upset. So I bought the independent i7 version of roon core, but the situation remained unchanged. I would like to ask you to help me find out what went wrong. My NAS is QNAP 873A, my router is R9000, and my switch is 10GB network port. I play the original Blu-ray disk of this NAS server at home without buffering, click play can play immediately, and switch to the next movie is so fast, but now I use roon play often appears buffering, click track list is also common, it takes about 10 seconds to load, switch songs sometimes normal 1 second to play. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds or 7 or 8 seconds,In addition, I don’t know how to export my playlists and favorite songs from the NAS core to other core devices, because I find that importing NAS backup files to other devices is as bad and clunky as the nas core, so I want to export only the playlists and favorite songs and import them into the new core. Instead of importing the entire backup of the old core into the new core

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core Machine

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<! – CPU-i9, RAM 32G – >

Network equipment and setup details

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<! – Router NETGEARR9000, switch NETGEAR SX10 – >

Connect audio devices

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The number of tracks in the library
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<! – 10,900 albums, 140,000 songs – >

Description of the problem

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I am very sad that it has been several days since the post was published, and I did not wait for the administrator’s assistance to solve my problem