Hi Res dropouts with power line adapters [SOLVED]

Hi–Since the latest update I have been experiencing chronic problems with dropouts during playback of 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC files. Roon Core and my music are on a sonicTransporter-AP connected via wired ethernet to Netgear Orbi router then via power-line ethernet adapter to microRendu (2.5) and last to a Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Control is via iMac or iPad. No dropouts occur with Red Book CD FLAC or AIFF files or TIDAL HiFi playback. I realize this sounds like a performance issue with the network, but I have been using this setup for a year now with no problems whatsoever–until the latest Roon update. (The only other relatively recent changes, in the last 2 months or so, were the addition of the Brooklyn DAC and the update of the microRendu software to version 2.5, neither of which resulted in a performance problems–auite the contrary in fact!) Now, however, about 10-30 seconds into hi res files, playback stutters and stops, then skips to the next track, then stops again, and sometimes loses connection to Core. I’ve rebooted modem and router, reset the powerline adapters, restarted Roon Server, and rebooted the sT-AP and microRendu, all to no avail. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Happy to upload logs. Thanks! Bill

On further investigation of my problem as a network issue, I found the solution, which required a factory reset of the power line ethernet adapters–something I’ve never had to do before–but which coincided with the Roon update by chance. No issues with hi res dropouts now. Lesson learned: if it looks like a network issue and smells like a network issue, it very likely IS a network issue! Thx.

Thanks for letting us know @wkimbel87!