Hi res only to 24/48 instead of 24/192 on Devialet Phantom Gold

Roon Core Machine: Imac 16MB

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Mac OS latest versions, i5, 16MB

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Devialet Gold I

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Description of Issue

I have installed Roon. I am using Audirvana for quite a while with a 24/192 setup to my Devialet Gold I. I see that all hi res is downsampled to 24/48 which I don’t understand. In settings I can set it to max 24/96. But even 24/96 files are downsampled.

What I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance, Simon

Fellow user, but starving on information here…
Give us screenshots of “Settings” “Audio” as well as Device configuration to inform us about connection method and setup, please.

Hello Simon
it seems you’re not doing anything wrong, unfortunately. This seems to be a known issue, please have a look:

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