Hi-Rez files loading slow on Bryston BDP

Been using Roon a few days & have noticed I’m unable to play hi-rez files. They will play a few seconds then get “loading slow” message. May play a few more seconds & stop. Using a Mac mini, Bryston-BDP 1.
16/44 albums load fine, noticed this problem with over a dozen hi rez files.
Any suggestions? Robbie

Hi Robbie,
Where are your files stored and what kind of connection is between file storage and Mac Mini ?

Files are on hard drives connected to Bryston. Also if I scroll thru items in Roon it sometimes pauses the music.

When using Roon the audio path always goes through the Core. See this KB page for explanation. Files stored on hard drives connected to the Bryston have to answer a file request from the Mac mini to the Bryston, be retrieved back to the Mac mini to be played through the Core and then be sent back to the Bryston for output.

Try connecting the file hard drives to the Mac mini.