Hi-Value Alternative to PS Audio DirectStream JR

Hi all: I’m currently using a hard-wired, dedicated older Macbook as my Roon Bridge, feeding a DragonFly. Works great, but I am interested in repurposing the Mac (giving it to my daughter), and am looking for a Roon-Ready endpoint to replace it. Something relatively simple…I don’t have the technical proficiency of many of the Roon community members. I’m attracted to the DirectStream JR but it’s more than I wanted to spend. Any thoughts/tips on a plug-and-play alternative?


PS FYI my Core is a Mac Mini with a SSD boot drive and separate SSD drive for the library. My room configuration does not permit a wire from the core to my receiver. I’m using Apple TV’s as other endpoints throughout the house, but for my main system I want lossless quality.

There are lots of options; hopefully others will chime in.

One is to get a streaming bridge – something like the Auralic Aries. It’s a dedicated piece of hardware who’s entire job is to get music off the network (internal or Internet) and feed it to a DAC, receiver, etc.

The nice thing about it is once you set it up, you can forget about it forever. It’s Roon ready, so Roon just feeds it directly.

There are cheaper alternatives to the Auralic – I’ve heard of the Sonore Sonicorbiter and microRendu, for example, both of which require an ethernet cord (no wireless capability, depending on your needs).

I can’t attest to all of these personally, but my guess is given you have a DAC and receiver, something like these is all you really need.