Hiccups while playing music

I would not scan my own collection and only stream from Qobuz to see if this limited usage changes the problem. If the 400000+ are own local files, a first match ball to the good game with Qobuz should already have taken place.

If that is enjoyable, the second step is the experience with 50000 music titles.

After another good week then the attempt with 1000000 music titles. Then the expansion of the main memory to 16 GB and the attempt to play the 400000 with it.

I want to delete a big number of tracks.
But because of one or another reason mass delete does not work.
It has to do with something between roon and qobuz.

Do you still get to this settings screen despite being overloaded?

Then you could disable a folder that contains a lot of files like I did via the three dots. After that Qobuz should recover.

Do you also want to delete Qobuz albums? That goes very well via website or app without Roon. Roon will automatically apply all changes later.

Hello support,

Installed build 970 the other day.
Problems not solved.

Many thanks.

Installed the last version the other day.
Tried to mass delete all the albums of an artist.
Number of hours later they were back imported to my tracklist.
So problem persists.

Hiccups during playing occurred also.
Also this problem persists

If they are still “liked” on Tidal or Qobuz, they will come back into Roon. That’s a feature, not a bug.

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I am explaining the same thing over and over.
Delete 1 album it disappears and is not liked anymore on Qobuz.
Mass delete does not change the status in Qobuz and then they come back.
I removed the like on Qobuz of a groep of albums. Did a delete of these albums on Roon and they come back anyway.

I suppose when i try to remove a group of albums that the the like on Qobuz is also removed with it.

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

Did none of the recommendations I provided in this thread work for you?

Can you please provide screenshots of how you’re trying to delete the albums in Roon?

No none did it.
Tried them all.

When i do a delete i use this procedure Hiccups while playing music - #26 by jamie

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

The method you referenced should work. Can you please post a screen recording of what you’re doing in both Roon and Qobuz to delete albums? And then, screenshots to demonstrate them ‘coming back’?

I simply use your procedure.
They disappear from the database.
And some time later, it can be days, it start to import all the albums and tracks again.
How do i know this? Because the hiccups start again.
What do i notice on my server use the activity-app is that cpu- and memory-usage go up drastically.
What do i see happening in the roon-app on my laptop, not on the server(you told me not to use it on the server). On top right i see a little circle spinning. When i click on the spinning circle i get following screen(s)

And i see the number of tracks in the overview go up again

And they are all back in.
On the side of Qobuz the favourites stay when selecting multiple albums on the same time.

Apparently i am debugging Roon.
We could make a deal with your ceo.
I can negotiate with the ceo in Dutch.

Kind regards,

Hello @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

The Roon message that you’ve posted is for your local files. Your track count will continue to increase until metadata and track analysis have been completed.

To determine if those tracks are being added from your local library or Qobuz try this:

  • Go to storage and disable your local files.
  • Then go to Settings>Library>Library Maintenance>Click Clean up library
  • Restart you Roon Core
  • Now, go to your tracks page
  • Expand Focus
  • Scroll down to STORAGE LOCATIONS and write down the number shown for your Qobuz library
  • Go to the album page
  • Select albums on your album page you’d like to delete
  • Go to the top of the page and click the ellipsis button
  • Then click Remove from Library
  • Reboot your Core
  • Open Roon go to Settings>Services>Edit>Sync Library Now
  • Wait for Qobuz to Sync
  • Now, go back to your tracks page
  • Expand Focus
  • Scroll down to STORAGE LOCATIONS and check the number shown for your Qobuz library
  • Have the deleted tracks returned?

Hello @Jamie

The tracks that return into my tracklist are certainly those of Qobuz.
The ones i delete the albums.

I am not selecting local tracks to be deleted.
Only Qobuz tracks.

Kind regards,

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I installed the latest version 2.0 on my server and clients and the issue remains apparently.
I refer to the old issue which is closed automatically but the problem remains.


Kind regards,

I’ve reopened your old topic and moved your post into it.

@support - is there any update on this issue, please?

I am experiencing minor dropouts (<half a second) once in a while.

Core is hardwired with router, clients are on 5GHz Wifi with ample bandwidth and low latency (>600 Mb/s). There is a mail archiving app running on the server (Xeon(E3-1230 V2, 16GB RAM, SSD, Windows 10) that generates load spikes every five minutes. This interval does not correspond to the timing of those hicups. What does correspond sometimes but not always is a brief “cannot find (connect to) roon core”.


I contacted Qobuz about the bulk delete from Roon not working properly.
Apparently it is on their side that is not possible to do this.

If this could help you guys to solve the issue?
The thread with Qobuz

Marina Hennig (Qobuz)

3 Oct 2022, 09:54 UTC


Yes this is for now the technical issue and we hope to be able to fix it in a update in the future.

Kind regards,

Qobuz Customer Service

40x40 Ulrik.Deriemaecker

30 Sept 2022, 20:38 UTC


Thank you for the input.

If i understand correctly:

When i do a bulk delete from Roon it does not work at the Qobuz side and all the albums stay as favourite marked in Qobuz.
Deleting 1 album from within Roon works and is deleted on the side of Qobuz
This will be corrected in a future release of Qobuz.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With best Regards,
Avec meilleures Salutations,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Ulrik Deriemaecker

40x40 Marina Hennig (Qobuz)

29 Sept 2022, 14:00 UTC


I have a feedback from the team.

This issue has been identified by our teams. They are currently working on a fix that will be released within our next update. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope everything will be corrected soon.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Best regards,

Qobuz Customer Service
Centre d’activité de l’Ourcq, 45 rue Delizy - 93692 PANTIN-CEDEX

40x40 System (Qobuz)

29 Sept 2022, 13:23 UTC

(13:09:51) *** Visitor 36081454 joined the chat ***
(13:12:13) Visitor 36081454: I have Roon and when i delete a batch of albums in Roon they are imported back intro Roon because they are kept as favourites in Qobuz. What can i do to get rid of these favourites in Qobuz? My complaint with Roonlabs about the issue: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/hiccups-and-deleted-music-from-qobuz-returning-back-in-my-tracks-remain-in-new-version-2-o/216929
(13:13:44) Visitor 36081454: Email adres [hidden]
(13:13:50) Mina: Hello
(13:14:12) Mina: you need to take them out of your favorites in the Qobuz app or our homepage
(13:15:00) Visitor 36081454: Tried that also and even these ones that were taken out of the favourites returned.
(13:15:30) Mina: ok that’s strange
(13:16:08) Visitor 36081454: There are too many to delete. Can i empty my account as a whole? So i can recreate my tracks in Roon from 0.
(13:17:42) Mina: We often get this request and are working on this feature
(13:17:51) Mina: but it is not yet possible to do
(13:18:18) Visitor 36081454: When i delete 1 album in Roon it works and it disappears and it does not return. When i select multiple albums in Roon delete them they disappear and some time later(hours or days) they return in my tracks in Roon.
(13:19:22) Visitor 36081454: I send you the link to the thread with Roonlabs about the issue.
(13:20:19) Mina: yes I saw
(13:20:27) Mina: I will give this to our tech team
(13:21:30) Visitor 36081454: Many thanks for the help. We can communicate through my email.
(13:23:31) *** Visitor 36081454 left the chat ***