Hiccups while playing music

I installed the latest version of roon 1.8 (build 884) on all my devices.
My server is a mac mini 2018 with 8GB on Monterey 12.1.
Until previous release no problem.
Now since latest release hiccups and loading slow the music either from Qobuz and my own collection on de drive connected to the mac mini(ssd).
I notice that roon start to eat memory and goes over 7,5GB at moments. Also processor usage goes up and then the hiccups start.
Testing the speed of my internet shows no problems(for Qobuz).


Als when i delete tracks from my roon with the next startup of my server and roon they are back.
How can i delete them?

Many thanks

Wi fi to the end point ? You don’t say. What is your end point?

The ISP speed is almost irrelevant, most dropout, stuttering issues normally fall to local network and the use and interference of WiFi

If this is the case , just trial it with Ethernet if you can. My ISP speed is 20 mbs , my internal LAN Is 1 gb Ethernet I never get dropouts except in the kitchen where I am forced to use WiFi

Just my 2p

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My internal netwerk is with ethernet and hubs at 1gb.
I did not have any hiccups with previous releases.
The hiccups started with the latest release.
I noticed that the roonserver-app starts eating at moments +7,5GB of ram and processor usage goes up of the roonserver-app.
When it is working fine it only takes 4,5GB of ram and processor usage is very low of this roonserver-app.

Upgraded to the latest version.
Still an issue.
When the processor usage goes up, the hiccups start.

Also when i delete tracks The next day they are back in the database.

Still not clear , is your core is Ethernet connected, what are your end points and how are they connected - WiFi?

Are you using any DSP , that will require extra processing and may cause skips

Maybe define your equipment in more detail, especially the networking equipment.

Sad to say but without Ethernet all round some users experience drop outs hence the questions around networking equipment

My network in the house is with ethernet cables and hubs at 1gb.
Use no DSP.
Have mixed Mytec Brooklyn bridge and Bluesound nodes
I play mostly with Mytecs.
I had totally no problems with previous versions about hiccups.
Hiccups started with version 1.8 build 884 and now build 898.

The problem with deleted tracks/albums that return in my db was already existing in earlier releases than 1.8

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing dropouts while listening to your music in Roon. That’s typically symptomatic of network issues, but isn’t always the case. I’m moving your thread over to support.

I have a couple questions for you:

  1. If you play to the system output of your Mac Mini Core does this still happen?
  2. Have you tried changing your DNS Server settings to Google ( or Cloudflare (
  3. Have you checked to see if you have Private Relay turned off on your Mac? We’ve seen this feature in Monterey cause dropouts like you’ve described.

On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Apple ID. Select iCloud > Private Relay.

This article from our Help Center has a lot of great information on optimizing your Network for best Roon results.

Please let us know if any of these fixes help.

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Hello Jamie,

  1. When i play through Roon i have hiccups. App of Qobuz(with 192KHz hires) no problems.
  2. DNS server settings don’t help
    3.Private relay is turned off

Kind regards,

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker

Thank you for getting back to us. I still don’t have a clear picture or your set up and how your Core and Endpoints are wired.

Can you please provide me with more details for the questions below?

  1. Can you tell us what you mean by hiccups? Is your music skipping, dropping out, or just stopping completely?
  2. Is your Core using a wired connection?
  3. Is your Core wired directly from the router?
  4. Are your endpoints wired?
  5. Are you getting dropouts on all your your endpoints?
  6. Did playing to the system output of your Mac Mini do you still get dropout?
  7. Did anything else in your setup change about the time you updated to Build 884?
  8. Are you using a VPN?

The answers to these questions will help us detect the cause of your hiccups. I’ll be back in touch when I have more details. Thanks!

  1. Can you tell us what you mean by hiccups? Is your music skipping, dropping out, or just stopping completely?

Music is

  • skipping(interface tells me then that music is loaded to slow also the pieces from my own collection on the ssd,
  • dropping out and
  • also regularly stopping completely.
    I notice that the roonserver proces on my server is using the cpu for "something’ else than playing music.
    The activity monitor is running to monitor roonserver proces and other processes.
    Roonserver is the only process using the cpu.
    The problem is in the roonserver app since build 884
  1. Is your Core using a wired connection?

My core is wired

  1. Is your Core wired directly from the router?

Wired directly to the router

  1. Are your endpoints wired?

Endpoints wired

  1. Are you getting dropouts on all your your endpoints?

Dropouts on all the endpoints

  1. Did playing to the system output of your Mac Mini do you still get dropout?

Also dropouts playing roon through system output

  1. Did anything else in your setup change about the time you updated to Build 884?

Nothing changed at the time of 884

  1. Are you using a VPN?


Issue that exists longer than 884, since July 21
When i mass-select albums to delete from my trackslist, with the next restart they are back imported in my trackslist.
This are all albums/tracks coming from Qobuz.

Today is very bad and the problem is getting on my nerves.
Time to look voor an alternative for Roon apparently

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

Thank you for getting back to me with these answers. We’ve just released a new build that addresses streaming and buffering behavior. You can find more details in the post I linked below. Can you please install the new build and see if things improve? Please let. us know if you see any improvement. Thanks!

Hello Jamie,

I installed the latest version(build 904).
The problem persists.
The hiccups, skipping, stopping continues when the roonserver-process starts using the processor more.(+80/90%).
I notice that it has to do when de roonserver-process is updating the database.
I had delete a bunch of albums from the database the other day and the delete tracks were back in my tracklist.
This is also a problem which became a problem since around July/August(had made a ticket of it.
Play music directly from the core to the Mytec through usb gives the same issue.

Can you guys please solve this problem.
If not i have to dump roon and switch to another system.

Kind regards,

Thank you for getting back in touch @Ulrik_Deriemaecker. We’re going to pull logs and see if we can figure out what’s causing this. We’ll be back in touch when we have more details. :+1:t2:

Hello Jamie,

I installed the latest version 1.8 build 913.

  • Hiccups stay
  • Can not mass-delete albums/songs from my tracks

Turning off Private Relay fixed the extremely annoying issue for me!

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It’s switched off

Hey @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

It looks like you’re running both Roon Server and Roon Remote on that machine. That’s putting a load on that machine. You’re essentially running Roon twice, and you have 410,000 tracks in your library. That’s a big load for an older i5 to handle.

Let’s try this:

  • First create a fresh backup of Roon Server
  • Uninstall Roon and Roon Server from that machine.
  • Reinstall the new update of Roon Server, only
  • Restore your backup
  • See if your CPU usage goes down and your track skipping is cured
  • Let us know if this helps.


Mostly(99%) I use the interface for Roon on my laptop or on my phone.
Not the one on the server.
I use it on the server when i am monitoring the processoractivity.
So when Roon has the hiccups processorusage goes up.

I have a problem deleting tracks from Roon since the release of summer 21.
Before that everything was fine.

I would love to delete a load of tracks.
But they always come back into my tracklist.
En when Roon is re-importing them again, processor usage goes up.

As i have always been installing the latest.
I suppose we tested that solution already.

The only process that is using the processor is Roonserver.
There is obviously a problem with the load balancing of Roonserver on Mac intel.
Switching to a M1 is also a bad idea i read everywhere.

I understand that the only thing i can do is dump Roon.
Roon is no fun anymore.