Hidden albums not fixed?

Hidden albums not fixed

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I also still have Hidden Albums issue

Can you guys clarify exactly what actions you’ve taken, and which screens aren’t working as you’d expect?

Keep in mind that editing functions (like hiding) only affect albums in your library, so you’ll be able to hide content in places like the Album Browser or the Albums In My Library section of the Artist Overview screen.

Screens where you’re browsing a global view of all available content in the world (including Valence-driven recommendations like “In Their Prime” or the Artist Discography view) won’t be affected by your edits, although Discography will display a library badge when your library contains a version of the album.

Anyway, let us know some more details about where things aren’t working as expected and we can take a look. Thanks!

I have no streaming services attached; everything is local.

I go to Artists, choose Beatles. I see “Main Albums” section. I see two copies of “Help!” one in AAC and one in ALAC. I wish to only ever see the ALAC version, so I “Hide” the AAC version.

But it continues to show up there.

If I go to “Albums” and look for it, then I only see the unbidden one.

Is it by design that my “hidden” albums still show up on the artist page? This is not how I would like it to work. If it is by design, then I would ask for there to be a way to distinguish easily between hidden and non hidden albums. I currently do not see any way to tell that one of the albums is hidden. Even when you go to the Edit screen the Hide and Unhide buttons do not indicate current state - meaning it doesn’t show that the album is currently Hidden and can be Unhidden or vice versa. Diabolical!

No. On the Overview tab that doesn’t sound right :expressionless:

Build 763 on Core and Remote right? We will have a look, thank you for letting us know!

cc @RoonQA

Thanks - confirmed: build 763 on core and remote.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Asprie TC-895
i5-10400 CPU
Windows 64-bit

I have issue on all endpoints - PC / Mac / raspberry Pi 4 / Android tablets and phone

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Google Nest Wifi Router.
Core hooked to network with cable

I have the setting “No” for "Show hidden albums

I am trying to hide local albums when viewing Artist. All the Hidden Albums before 1.8 show up and when I try to re - hide it does not work. When I search on a specific Album it looks like it combines the various versions of the Album

You can see more info on my original post

I can also Confirmed: build 763 on core and all my remotes.

I do see that if I view the compete Album list the Albums that I have hidden are hidden. But if I look at the Artist view “Albums in my Library” the specific album I click “Hidden button” still shows up

Hi, I reported this in the Beta group, during the preview with a full Use Case outline, as I was manually hiding albums in my Tidal library that I subsequently had local copies for. So from Roon, I would want to see and play only the local library versions, keeping the Tidal versions for playback from the Tidal app when remote/away from Roon.

I was using the Duplicates filter in Focus to identify any repetition in my local library.

This was working up to 1.7, but the manual hiding has been affected in all 1.8 releases so far.

There are also issues with how artist / album counts are shown when some albums are hidden.

I posted about it here (along with some thoughts about how Focus could be developed to work consistently across different areas of the library):

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I just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that this should be working correctly on the latest version. If anyone is still seeing any problems with this please let us know!

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