Hidden Gems - Jazz Edition (separate thread for the protection of the jazz adverse)

Okay since my jazz recommendation in the other Hidden Gems thread was met with some unkind comments, mind you not all comments were negative, how about a thread devoted to just jazz. No limits so please post all your favorites!

Here are a few to get things started:
Don’t read the review, it’s a great album!

I’ve been posting this album every chance I get, this one is just killer!

Perhaps the best work by one of jazz’s criminally over looked bands:

Best jazz vocal album of 2015 and completely overlooked by just about every jazz critic

Another overlooked vocal album

Just smoking from start to finish. The essence of jazz, pure and simple

More to follow…



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Gwendoline is available on Tidal so I’m listening as I type. So far so good. Thanks!

Looked these up on streaming and will be listening over the next few days. Thanks!

Anything with a sax, but here’s three -

Oh yeah, and Coltrane’s wife -

I guess they’re not very hidden, but they are jazz.:grimacing:


Nice idea, tue dedicares tread!

I like the Melissa Aldana album above, really enjoyable.

My suggestions, apart from the one posted on “the other tread”, are:

One of the most known Italian jazz pianists.

A great guitarist from Brasil, playing mostly a 7-strings guitar. Really a gem.

Maybe not that hidden, but a fantastic live performance.

Duo with only voice and contrabass, mostly covering other songs, but not only. Mostly in Italian, but it is worth listening even for non Italian-speaking people!




@Ralph_Pantuso just to show I do have some J***.


Wonderful! So all hope is not lost! :saxophone:

I had a look at my J*** genre albums, some right dodgy tagging going on in there but here’s the start of A

I agree. Roon and genres sometimes don’t get along to well.

Anyway here are two more gems, both from female musicians

Possibly Jane Ira Bloom’s finest recording, definitely worth more than a measly 3 stars.

A great recording from a great one who left us way too early. This one is well worth a listen and then repeated listens.


For some reason, only two tracks of “Mighty Lights” are available, to me, with Qobuz.

Just as well, I prefer this album -

Definitely worth a listen, as are all of Bloom’s recordings.

How this absolutely fantastic album doesn’t even merit a review and any other worthwhile metadata is beyond me. Not one piece of metadata but it is “identified”. I don’t see it on Tidal so you are on your own but whatever degree of difficulty you may encounter in obtaining this album will be worth it. Guaranteed! Worth it just for the Annie Whitehead trombone solo on the title track.

About as hidden and gemlike as it gets.

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Today’s gem, featuring Kevin Eubanks and Geri Allen

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Keith Jarrett’s “The Koln Concert” is outstanding. Excellent choice.

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Very few recordings by Keith Jarrett, one of jazz’s biggest stars, can be considered “hidden” but here’s one that might be just a little bit in the shadows and available on Tidal:


There appears to very high quality jazz coming from down under of late. Here’s a prime example. Well worth a listen, top notch sound/recording quality, great compositions and first rate musicianship. Apparently it is a quartet recording with
Olivier Holland - bass
Florian Ross - piano
Claudius Valk - reeds
Fabian Ahrens - drums

Very impressive, give it a listen. Doesn’t seem to be on Tidal, not sure about Qobuz since I don’t subscribe to them. However it appears to be on a few of the other streaming services, should you have access.

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It’s on tidal under the Oliver Holland name.

Yep the album shows up on both the Tidal iOS app and Tidal through Roon when I use the search function but when I use the focus function only my local “unidentified” album is found. Same exact name and spelling for artist and album as on Tidal but yet my local copy and the Tidal version are not linked.

Anyway give it a listen.