Hide albums per profile/user

As profiles don’t really allow for a user to have a separate library. It might be good to be able to hide albums/artists when you are in a specific profile but show them when using another profile. This way my 6 year old daughter can have her own “library” with all her children’s music, my wife can have hers and I can have my own.
This way all music can be in the same library but everyone will have their own personal view just by clicking on their profile icon.

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I think this is a good idea, but I’d prefer doing it by hiding by storage location.

Just to be clear, you mean allow profiles to have hidden storage locations. So my profile has all locations, but the kids profile only has the children music location enabled

Perfect description

At the moment I’m using custom tags and then bookmarks but it would be easier and more streamlined to be able to simply switch profiles.

I don’t understand why the location of the files should matter ? Why not have Roon manage this within the software?

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+1 for storage location configuration to be per user profile.

+1 To be able to hide albums on a per user basis. The radio function has improved substantially, but there are certain artists my wife enjoys but I don’t and vise-versa. I find myself having to manually “skip”

+1 - Hiding based on profile would be very useful as I am liable to get lynched for hiding the albums that I have hiden today. I only ripped the CDs so that I didn’t have to deal with them in the future. “I” didn’t want to see them (ever) again!


p.s. If others in my household start hiding my tracks there could be problems…