Hifi Rose RS250 Any Good

Hello Music lovers

I am planning to buy a Hifi Rose 250. Are there any people here who are having this unit and can you tell me yr experience with it.

All post is welcome :smiley:

RS250 works flawlessly as an Roon endpoint.
SQ wise its USB out is way better than my PC (more dynamic, more micro details, blacker background, the improvement is not subtle).
I recommend installing a SSD to its hard drive bay. To me music sounds a little bit better playing from internal storage (with its own software) compared with Roon.
Overall I’m very happy with it.


It’s certainly on my interest list

I have been using my Rose HiFi RS250 for several weeks with Roon. Very happy. Using coaxial out to a Directstream DAC as I couldn’t hear a difference between coaxial and AES/EBU.

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Does the fact that you are using a separate DAC imply that you’re not satisfied with the DAC in the 250?

The DAC in the Directstream DAC is better as it should be.

The PS Audio could do the whole job by itself with Roon. There must be something good about the Rose that makes it worth adding into the system I guess.

I am auditioning an RS250 at the moment, and very impressed by many aspects of it. The one thing I haven’t really understood yet is what it can and can’t do with multichannel, with or without Roon. The manual explicitly allows for possibility of passing multichannel files to HDMI unmodified, see grab, but on the face of it Roon needs to be able to do some local processing on the device to handle multichannel ? I know that our Arcam AVR can support multichannel via HDMI because we’ve tried it i) using a PC running Roon and ii) with an Apple TV with an app (not Plex). Myy first experiment with Roon and a known multichannel album in Qobuz led to the file being recognised but no sound. Happy to start a new thread on this if too niche.

I sold the RS250. The DAC just isn’t that good and I can stream from Roon to my Directstream DAC.

Thanks. It’ll suit what we want it for at that price point, its size, appearance, SSD option and a few other things are pluses for us.

Multichannel remains interesting to me as I like some of our multichannel SACDs a lot, especially some of the Vocalion reissues, and will want to get a long term replacement for these recordings-either a spare 5 channel player or something that doesn’t use discs, necessitating replacing the SACDs.

My brief experiments with the Rose on that front suggest that it can indeed pass through HDMI multichannel unaltered, a point confimed by a call by our local dealer to Rose. I think it can probably work with the few multichannel files that Qobuz has, via Roon, i.e. our AV receiver was reporting the file type correctly, but it is fiddly (I wasn’t getting sound), and is unlikely to be the best way to do it.

I’ll just defer that aspect for now I think.