Hifi Rose section

I have got the RS150B now for several months. It is a great streamer and dac. But all is subjective.

I like my RS150B over the moon 280D and the 380D. Also compared it with lumin T2. RS150B had my vote… But i think the T2 was a bit better in the highs… a bit to much for me that is.

Thank they are all valid streamers. I just like the screen and how am able to use the streamer dac in my system. Compared to the Moon 280D en 380D the Rs150 won convincible. T2 not so much. But still won to my ears.

The RS150 also takes away my urge to upgrade. Hence there is no other streaming dac that you can compare this unit.

I recommend trying it out it is great and yes it needs to warm up(aka burn in)

Sorry for the very late response. After listening to the RS250 I wasn’t pleased. Certainly the Directstream DAC sounded better. Used Roon to play through both devices. The RS250’s DAC is not very good in my opinion and I sold it.