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Hello Roon community @support.

Is it possible to create a HiFi Rose audio product section?

I will get my RS150 next week and haven’t been excited like this since i got my McIntosh!!!

As far as i can see, they sell a lot of both RS150 and RS201 and as they are roon, I will be happy to share experiences or ask for advice in this section!

Thanks in advance


We will do that once the HiFi Rose traffic on the main audio products category grows. We’ve been adding/removing sub-sections as the traffics grows or shrinks.

Sometimes we create a new section for other reasons, but they usually have to do with support.

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Music Direct alerted me to their products. These check a lot of boxes for me. I would love to read some people’s experience with the products. I want my Oppo-UDP 205 to move back into the TV room so that it can become a full-time 4K/Blu-Ray player. Something with Roon Ready and Airplay would really help in grouping zones as well as having a dedicated DAC for critical listening in the listening room too.


I own the RS150 for now 4 months.
I can say it has become the central piece of my set up.
It’s Roon Ready, with everything you need displayed on the beautifull screen.
Airplay is responsive.
You can switch quickly between both.

Dac is great to my ears: ES 9038 pro and it feeds my McIntosh MA7200.

Pretty much everything is customizable.

I admit i was looking for this since i listen to Music via streaming.

You can also plug a USB drive or USB BR or DVD drive to read your cd collection.

Both In and out HDMI work well and even if i thought YouTube was a gadget, i admit that without ad it is great.

Feel free to ask if any question


it seems to offer just about every imaginable connection- does it support Tidal Connect?

The product images lead us to expect this…

I tried to take a short movie but can not post it.

Yes it has tidal as native app and qobuz as well.
Everything works flawlessly.

Let’s say i have top of range.
They have to other nice products that look almost identical
Rs 250 ans RS 200
One is all in One with all features and less connections
Other is a more affordable streamer Dac compared to mine with less connections again.

From what i see and have so far, they update products, Customer service is good, products are well made and the feeling is you don’t have something cheap in your hand.

As for the sound the ES9038 pro sounds amazing with my McIntosh and the Sonus Faber.

Again this was the set up i wanted et i ve been searching a lot for the RS150 as it seems to cover all needs except amplification.

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The RS150 appears to have the same DAC as my Oppo UDP-205, which I do like very much. Part of me was hoping to try a different flavor and was initially excited by the RS150 having the AKM AK4499EQ DAC according to a hometheaterhifi review on the unit. Does anyone know why they switched to the ESS SABRE 9038PRO?

The AKM factory had a serious fire, destroying production of the AKM ADC/DACs. Quite a few other manufacturers have had to switch from AKM chips.

Yep was happy to have an AKM as i only got Sabre chip since i know what is a Dac chip…

Oh no! I didn’t realize that. Do you know if they plan to rebound?

No idea. Problem is that it was such a serious fire (burning for 3 days), supply of all their components disappeared overnight and most manufacturers had to switch to ESS Sabre or similar in current designs. If you Google around the story there are reports of some chip manufacturers lending capacity to AKM, but in the context of a global semiconductor chip shortage, this may not amount to much.

I noticed that Marantz AVRs dried up, and I know they used AKM. Now I know why. How horrible.

Well, the ESS Sabre 9038 is pretty great, so I am glad that HiFi Rose incorporated it.

I really may need to save up for the RS150. I have been spoiled with balanced outputs, and it seems this is the only product they have that uses them.

It has an analog input. This is the first I have seen of this. Does it take an analog signal, process it, then output it again or is it a passthrough?

incidentally, the Gold Note DS-10 Plus has an analog input, which stays in the analog domain, as well as balanced output.

Very nice. Thank you! I will include this unit in my hunt.

Silly I didn’t even consider that having a line analog input helps if you want to use the unit as a preamp. It all makes sense now! :blush:

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Question for you. When playing Roon, does it show artist or album cover on display? Or does it say Roon only on display?


Everything you need is displayed on screen
Cover artist etc…

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+1 for the HiFi Rose section.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a HiFi Rose RS250. Very impressed so far. Sounds much cleaner and have more resolution than my PC as a streamer. I was shocked to hear some micro details in the music that I had never heard before.

It’s mesmerizing to watch the music playback screen (most beautiful playback screen I have ever seen) and listen to music. The VU meters look good too, very realistic and could pass as real mechanical meters at first glance.

Software side HiFi Rose is not as good as Roon (no surprise here), and it has glitches such as not showing album covers in its stock app. Other than that it is fully functional and integrates streaming services well. Also it is very convenient to change all the settings in the mobile app, you could even turn the unit off and on without touching the unit itself. The included Bluetooth remote is nice to have but not really necessary.

When using RS250 as an Roon endpoint it works flawlessly as expected. It was immediately recognized by Roon and streaming music in no time. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that HiFi Rose stock app showed what was playing in Roon and I could even use the supplied remote control to operate (next song, previous song, play/pause, etc.)

Now let’s see for how many years I can resist upgrading to their flagship RS150 (or its successor) :laughing:


I received my RS250 last week. Great unit and really enjoying it. I have it hooked up to a PS Audio Directstream DAC and will compare the DAC in the RS250 once it has played for a few hundred hours.


Did you ever complete a review/comparison?

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