Hifiberry DAC+ DSP

Hi there,

I just received the brand new Hifiberry DAC+ DSP (which has pretty cool features: https://www.hifiberry.com/blog/announcing-the-dac-dsp/) and just set it up on my Pi.

I selected DAC+/DAC+ Pro as a HAT in ropieee.local, hoping it would work. ButRoon does not recognize it on the network when I look in Settings > Audio. I was therefore wondering if it was or would be supported?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @NathanF,

First time I heard of this one :wink:
Anyways, I would love to support it of course. However, documentation on the Hifiberry web page is sparse (about configuration etc.).

Can you send me feedback? So I at least can have a look wrt hardware detection?


I got the amp2 and in alsamixer I see some DSP settings. As its based on the dac+ wonder if it’s the same?

Hey Harry @spockfish
Just sent out feedback. ID is dc39a204e9da071e.

This is feedback when a DAC is plugged on USB. It still goes undetected when I plug the RCA on the DAC+ DSP. Let me know if you need feedback in this configuration.


Hi @NathanF,

What I see in the logs is that there’s an issue with loading the driver. Hence the initialisation fails, which results in the device not being recognized by Roon.

Have you tried the Hifiberry DAC driver instead of the DAC+?

Regards Harry

Hey @spockfish,
It looks like it’s working win the DAC drivers. It’s recognized by Roon and it plays.


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