Audio Drop Outs to RopieeeXL Endpoint

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Intel NUC5i5MYHE with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD running ROCK
OS: Version 1.0 (build 186) stable
Sever: Version 1.7 (build 537) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Verizon FIos Gigabit -> Google Mesh Wifi Router -> TP Link Gigabit Switch (TL-SG108) -> Intel NUC and Raspberry Pi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Audio device that is experiencing drop outs is a Raspberry Pi 4B/4GB with HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP attached. The pi is running RopieeeXL v2.493. The Audio HAT is set as HifiBerry DAC in the Ropieee settings. 2 active monitors are connected via RCA from the DAC.

Description Of Issue

I’m consistently getting audio drop outs playing Tidal to the Raspberry Pi. I’ve tested a number of different things:

  • Happens whether I use my macbook via wireless or the Intel NUC as the Core.
  • Happens whether I play via Roon or Airplay to the Pi.
  • Happens whether I play the Pi in a grouped zone or not.
  • Happens whether I play Master quality or standard FLAC from Tidal.
  • Tried removing the switch and wiring the Pi directly to the router. Either way I get ~350 mb/s download speed and still get drop outs.
  • No other drop outs or issues playing to Macbook, iPhone, or Sonos via Airplay or directly via Sonos.

When I checked the output of vcgencmd get_throttled I get 0x20000. I believe that means that the soft temp limit has been hit. I can see is that I am running ~76C. My understanding, though, is that this does not mean the Pi is throttled.

The only other thing I can think of is that the HifiBerry DAC+ DSP is not officially supported by Ropieee. However, it seems like it should be supported using the HifiBerry DAC drivers as noted in this thread: Hifiberry DAC+ DSP.

Any help would be appreciated.

FWIW, my RPi4 running RoPieeeXL idles at 41-42˚C and averages ~48˚C when roon is playing. It is in a SmartPi Touch 2 case with the included fan connected at low speed. (The fan is not audible over the ambient noise in my home office.)

Thanks, @cwichura. I’ll check out that case. I’m also planning on getting a new power supply to truly eliminate that as a potential issue.

Note that the case I am using is for an RPI plus the official 7" RPi touchscreen display.

So you mention explicitly Tidal.

What about playing local content?

Oh. And I will add the correct driver for RoPieee’s next release.

Awesome. Great to hear the driver is coming in the next release. I haven’t tried local content, as I primarily want to stream, but I’ll give that a try and report back for completeness.

Tried with local content and still experiencing the same issue with drop outs.

ok thanks.

Can you send feedback?

So play some audio (including drop-outs), then go to RoPieee’s webpage, the ‘advanced tab’ and there you find a button ‘send feedback’.

Post me the UUID so I can have a look in the logs.



Appreciate you taking a look.

I’m confused. I see a lot of Airplay activity, but no Roon.

Can we decrease the set of parameters? Disable Shairplay-Sync in Xl and try again via Roon.

Ok. I just disabled all the XL functionality and played some audio via Roon. Drop outs present.

76 degs is rather toasty for a RPi and I would make sure you get something to bring that way down to under 60 if you can. Have you applied the usb firmware upgrade for the rpi 4 it’s an option to install from ropieee GUI

Thanks. I took it out of my cabinet and got it down to ~64. I’ll add a heatsink / fan to it as well.

I have applied the USB firmware upgrade option in the GUI.

Ok, so can you send me feedback now?


Oh sure. Sorry. Didn’t realize I had to resend.

It seems fairly normal, except that I see a disconnect by the server. That’s … unexpected I guess.
But here it ends for me: time for @support to have a look.

Thanks for taking a look!

Hello @eyecue72,

Can you please reproduce this issue and note the exact local time + date + track it next occurs on, and then manually send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions?

The best place to upload them would be Google Drive / Dropbox / but if you don’t have either service just let me know and I can provide an alternate upload location.


Just experienced it on Charles Mingus - Invisible Lady at 23:08 Eastern. Playing from Tidal to an AirPlay grouped zone.

It was pretty bad at the beginning of the track and then seemed fine. Then seemed to occur again at 23:11.

Also was bad at the end of the previous track but seemed fine until then.

Support package is here: