HiFiBerry DAC+ PRO - adding external power supply to the DAC+ board

Hi guys

Can anyone help with simple instruction for how to add 5V power supply to the DAC+ PRO board, hence bypassing the Pi3’s SMPS.

And a list of the required parts and where to order online?

I’ve done some soldering years ago but if someone could share step by step photos if you had time, it would help a lot of people, not just me. There’s info scattered all over the web, but nothing I can find that’s clear and simple and complete.

I’d be looking to add an external LPSU with 2.1mm DC plug.

Much appreciated in advance

Look this video:

Thanks Jules, I had seen this but Hans skips over the detailed steps of the exact parts needed and where to order and where to solder .

I was looking for some detailed step by step instructions and parts list and where to order, if anyone is able to help

Many thanks again

Hi Sean - are you in the UK? if so I used this for the board - Hobbytronics (google for web page) “Screw Terminals 0.1” (2.54mm) Pitch (2-Pin)" (this solders to the board as illustrated by HB - make sure you get the polarity correct) and a 2.1 power line socket from Maplins for the power supply.

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Here ya go

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Thanks guys !

Looks like this is the one to get, same as you mentioned there Rob: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10571

Doesn’t sound like a difficult job now.

I thought there were more items to order but it looks like just the 2:

  1. the 2.1mm DC plug with power lead and
  2. The 2.54mm Screw terminals linked above

Did you guys end up bending or breaking any of the big pins, in order to power the Pi board and Hifiberry boards separately/independently?

Cheers, Sean

Not me!
There is an ongoing and interesting thread on the Hifiberry community pages about just how far you can take this but its not for me.
That link in your post shows the same, or similar, connector that I used - it slots into the top of the board and it a straightforward job to flip the board over and dab a bit of solder on the two pegs. Take care to note the (+) and (-) marked on the board for when you add wires and then power to the connector, get that wrong and you will loose both dac and Pi!
Good luck with your modification
Cheers, Bob

Thanks Rob. Did you find a good improvement when powering the Hifiberry board directly vs micro USB?

What 5V external power supply are you using?

I’ve been using an iFi iPower 5V via the microUSB. My plan would be to use that directly to the Hifiberry board. Seems like a cost effective and relatively clean power supply (compared to stock wall wart).

Cheers ! Sean

You are welcome Sean. I use the iFi too. I was already impressed by the sound of the Pi/DAC+ Pro before the modification and I am not sure it was markedly different after. However, my wife has better ears than mine and she said “that sounds clearer”: that’ll do for me!

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My RPI + DIGI+ Pro with external power connection and BNC output

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Nicely done! My external supply socket hangs out of end of the box on its wire

Same Here:


I’ve made a few for various places around the house.

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Can I ask what folks are using for the linear supply. I don’t want to build my own…too many projects to wade thru as it is. Teradak has som eon eBay but looks like the 5v outputs to a usb.

I use this little linear piece from Aqvox:


Can’t really say there’s a noticeable difference with a good, regular PSU.

I’ve had one board soldered, powering the Digi+ Pro directly at 3,3V. Again – no miracles in my setup.

Hi Rene, I heard that this mod + linear PSU has more of an effect on the Dac+ than Digi+? I wonder if it’s true. I don’t really know

Of course if you have an even better Dac following the Digi+ (better than HiFiberry’s Dac+) then it’s happy days for sure.

Hi @Steven_Edwards , have you found an improvement with your Dac, after the mods?

I purchase a Linear Regulated from ebay for about $100 will post the link when I find it.

However I also have two Linear Regulated supplies from Jameco which are excellent and measure better than every other power supply I have including the IFi.

The Digi+ Pro runs into a pair of Meridian DSP5200 speakers. They’ve got 2 DACs each – at €10.000, I should hope they perform slightly better than a Hifiberry DAC. (They do :slight_smile:).

I have compared the little Pi extensively with a MS600 Meridian streamer. When after a month I still could not reliably A/B the two, I sold off the MS600. In the end – only music matters.

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Very nice indeed :slight_smile: Yes I’m loving the Digi+ PRO with my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. It does as good a job as the expensive “Bridge II” Roon Ready network card option.

In my 2nd system, I’m going to add a Dac+ PRO with power supply mod (and before that, try it without any mod of course). I may even try it in my main system and be shocked

Does anyone know how much current the DAC+ PRO board needs, if powered independently from the Pi3 board? 5V at 1A sufficient? I know the Pi3 needs 5V at 2A, mainly to turn on, but what about the Hifiberry board alone?

Many thanks in advance

I would say the improvement is noticeable, not earth-shattering. To be fair though, I never did compare to running both the Pi and DAC both with the cheap switching supply. I initially powered both with a clean linear supply before doing the mod.