HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is missing from the device setup in Roon


Please see below…

System information

iMac Catalina 10.15.7 Roon core 1.7 Build 710**
Unifi Professional WiFi and Ethernet setup (Core is WiFi)
Raspberry Pi 4B - HiFiBerry DAC2 HD, running RopieeXL
Linux 5.4.81-2…

The HiFiBerry DAC2 HD is not included in the Roon device setup “Audio Device”
The Audio device is therefore unidentified, with snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplushd being the choice defaulted by Roon. So I believe the correct audio settings are not applied.

The appropriate audio device is missing, so a lesser model is used. Can this be rectified?

BTW. RoopieeXL (Roon Endpoint) does see and have an entry for the DAC 2HD.

Lastly, I believe HiFiBerry could assist if necessary.

Thanks. Andrew.


Have the same hat, am pretty sure the only real difference is going to be a different name under the same icon. Ropiee is setup to use the correct HAT, Roon is just giving you a picture.

From Roon’s perspective both have the same core features, eg up to 24/192 so you aren’t missing out.

Thanks for your reply.

Had the same thoughts myself, though the statements on that configure page may indicate something else is up, other than the simple settings noted. Perhaps Roon could clarify and fix the anomaly.

BTW how do you find the DAC, I have not come across another owner?

Cheers, Andrew

Pretty sure it would only be relevant if the hardware supported different features, eg. higher than 24/192, or DSD, MQA etc in that it wouldn’t present the right options, nothing that would affect sound quality of supported features.

IIRC I had the odd glitch in the standard hat when playing 24/192 files which prompted the upgrade.

Sounds great, though it is in my kitchen, into Audio Engine A5+'s so not the most hifi setup.

Hello @Andrew_PM, and thanks for your report! It looks like the HiFiBerry DAC2 HD has yet to complete certification for Roon. Have you reached out to the manufacturer about this issue?


Thanks for the reply, I figured something was up. Roon (Rebeka) was contacting HiFiBerry, perhaps could you follow up with her. There are some unique settings for this DAC.

My request to HiFiBerry was not responded to. I also contacted the authorised reseller here in Australia. I’ll try again.

Thanks. Andrew

…HiFiBerry respond yet?

DAC2HD is working well with hifiberryos and Roon 1.8 for me - no issue yet.

To close this off.

HifiBerry just emailed back.

DAC2HD is “Roon Ready”. Using HifiBerryOS (suggested above and by HifiBerry) it will show as DAC+ within Roon, as will most of HifiBerry hats.

Within the Roon Endpoint Setup, default settings are now accurate which is nice.


I started with RopieeXL which is a great product. Though, Roon default endpoint settings were considerably different to the above.

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