HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro Endpoint

Who has used a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro paired with a Rasberry Pi as a Roon Endpoint, how do you like it, and do you have any relevant observations or advice?

I watched a YouTube video by Hans Beekhuyzen, where he says that it’s better to use a Rasberry Pi 2b rather than a 3b, since the bluetooth and wifi functions of the 3 negatively affect purity of the signal. Is this actually true? Which version of the Rasberry Pi do you use? Which operating system (please provide link).

How does this assemblage compare to more expensive endpoints?

Finally, if I want to use the Spotify App to communicate directly with this assemblage, do I need to choose a Rasberry Pi that does have Wifi?

Thanks, Peter

I’m interested in HiFiBerry endpoints too… particularly if they sound better than the USB out of a Pi 4?

As to Hans, well he’s talking inferred audiophile wisdom about such things I suppose, but I don’t know if he actually used all that measuring equipment behind him to actually prove it in this partially case? I have tried wifi and disabling it and using ethernet on my Pi4 and can’t tell any difference in SQ at all, I’m using wifi because its more convenient and in my home works flawlessly. I use the Ropieee OS (https://ropieee.org) as its all I need and pretty much installs itself.

As I don’t have a Digi+Pro HAT I’ll leave it there, but like I say I am interested in whether it is an audio upgrade form the built-in RPi4 USB if anyone has compared? :blush:

One of my Roon Bridges is built upon a Raspberry Pi 3 B and a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro. The Rpi runs RoPieee and connects to the DAC with an optical cable.

It works fine without problems, so far. To my ears, the sound has no issues, although I don’t know why anybody should have any: It’s a digital transport attached optically to a DAC.

I use 3B+ and hifiberry digi+ pro. Use S/PDIF cable connecting to DAC. All works well and sounds great.

Works and sounds great. Stable as can be. Highly recommended.

I also use a pi 3b+ with a hifiberry digi+ pro connected to dac via coax, and it has performed beautifully and virtually invisibly for several years at this point. i use a wired connection and spotify streams are hunky dory.


Has somebody an idea whatI have to do to use the Digi 2 Pro as a Roon Bridge for different sampling frequency’s?

I have build an Roon Bridge based on an RPi 4 2GB with Digi2 Pro Board and Standard OS from HiFiberry.

If the sampling Frequenz will change the new frequency get recognized from the DAC but the DAC is silent.
Doesn’t matter if the sampling Frequenz changed based on 44,1kHz and multiples or on 48kHz and multiples or between the two base frequency’s and their multiples.
If I select a track with the same frequency as before the DAC plays well again.
Sometimes after 30 Min. or more of a sudden a track with the a different sampling frequency get played but no guaranty.
I tried it with two different DAC‘s (RME ADI 2 Pro and MAN 301 in preamp Mode) same issue.

Do you experience the same issue when using RoPieee instead of Hifiberry OS? Just flash another microSD card, then you can easily switch forth and back.

Thanks for the advise. I will make a test with RoPieee and come back with my findings.

I tried RoPiee and no Problem via USB. Via S/PDIF opto and coax no function at all. May be RoPiee doesnt support the Digi2 Pro board. In setting only the previous version Digi+ Pro can be selected, the new version is not listed.
I have reinstalled HiFiBerry OS and played with the synch delay in Roon Settings, but no result.

I’m sorry, but cannot help you. As the Digi2 Pro is advertised as the successor product of the Digi+ board having similar HW and some extension on compatibility with DSP add-on it should work with the Hifiberry OS. I can only suggest you contact Hifiberry and ask about Roon compatibility when using their OS. They might be working on a fix or can indicate what you should do. With the older boards the use of Hifiberry OS is straight forward and works without any special tweaks. OtherOS like RoPieee might only include compatibility to new boards, after specific configuration files and drivers are made available. It seems that the Digi2 Pro is not 100% compatible with the Digi+ or Digi+ Pro.

Thanks for your support. HiFiBerry support moves the problem to the DACs and a ground problem, but I can’t believe that 3 DACs have the same issue and if I use S/PDIF optical connection I don’t trust it could a grounding problem. I try to get it fixed an will come back if I have any positiv news.

I am having the same problem on my Holo May DAC

According to HifiBerry it is compatible with the Digi Pro.

Harry, thanks for letting us know that there shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe you can help @Crooner that has problems with RoPieee and the Digi2 Pro.

Hi, I’m having trouble running the hifiberry digi2 pro with roon. Can only connect via airplay, rather than RAAT. Not sure if the digi2 pro is roon ready or need to do something else. Any ideas would be great. thank you

ive tried Ropieee with digi2, using the drop down selection for the digi…no luck.

can you control device volume via roon app with your bridge setup via S/PDIF?


can you control device volume via roon app with your bridge setup via optical cable?


I don’t for other reasons related to my setup, but I could.