High CPU Load when no music is Playing

Roon Ver 1.2 Build 142
Running on Windows 7 64 bit machine with Core I7-4790 with 16GB memory
Music Library on QNAP Nas 10538 Tracks
Windows 8 Laptop running as same version of roon as remote
Audio output on a Squeeze device.

Everything works great, but…
The Windows 7 (host machine) has high CPU load when no music is playing. The roon.exe uses about 30%of CPU about half the time and the RAATserver uses about 12%. This isnt a constant load but occurs about half the time.

The NAS music library is the only monitored folder and all the tracks are cataloged etc. The CPU load is high enough to effect typing/web browsing and roon should not have anything to do (nothing is playing)

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I’m assuming this is a new installation of Roon; most likely Roon is still analysing your audio files.

You should see a small spinning circle, if you click it … it will show you progress.

In Roon’s settings there’s an option to adjust the speed (CPU loading) that Roon uses to do this.

Hope that helps.

PS Have you considered upgrading to Windows 10, it’s faster than Win 7.

Has been running for two weeks and there is no spinning circle. It has analysed all files. Not clear what it is doing though.

In settings do you have analysis going on?


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Anaysis is not going on. After keeping Roon running for about 12 hours it seems to respond (with a large cpu effort) to every right to disk even though i have it set to monitor only files on the SAN. Is there some local data store that needs to be put on the san?

Reading SAN as NAS, Roon generates and maintains a database, which is best kept on an SSD. This is quite separate from your music files and is not stored with them.

What kind of storage is Roon currently installed on ?

Sorry for the typos. I have the music files on a QNAP NAS with rotating disk. The PC has a PCI SSD as the boot disk. Another sympton is that when roon starts using cpu I can exit roon and the roon.exe runs at high cpu (about 100% for a single core) load for about 5-10 minutes.

I’m fresh out of ideas. Let’s flag @brian or @mike and see what they think. That doesn’t sound normal Roon load for a system with those specs.

How do you track CPU load ? Task Manager or another app ?

Do you use TIDAL ? If so, how big is your TIDAL library?

I am not using TIDAL. using Task Manager , just order of magnitude load, it is intermittent but it is easy to see the task loading on task manager and resource monitor.

OK, let’s look at Roon logs. I’ll contact you shortly via PM with more info.

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