High CPU/Memory usage of Roon (b528) Desktop app on macOS

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Wind9ows 10 Pro / Intel NUC7i5BNK / Roon Server Build 528

Wired Ethernet for Core and Outputs, WiFi for Controls

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Allo USBridge Signature to Orchard Audio PecanPi USB DAC via USB

Description Of Issue

I’m seeing high CPU and memory usage for build 528 on macOS 10.14.6. Here are some screenshots with details. This is enough to cause the fan in the laptop to come on when Roon is just idling. Again, I’m only using this laptop for a Control. Core is on a different machine (the NUC).

I don’t think a MacBook Pro 2019 with i7 processor should have to work so hard to run Roon.

I’ve heard of others experiencing the same issue, so this may be a duplicate report. I"m happy to upload my log file if that would be helpful.

Hi @David_Snyder,

We are aware of other reports surrounding this behavior and we are currently investigating this issue with assistance from QA.

In the other reports, we have found that toggling the WiFi adapter off and back on in MacOS temporarily resolves this behavior, can you please confirm if you’re seeing the same on your end?

I am not David but I was seeing the same problem. In my case it’s Mac mini (2018) using music which is store on a locally attached SSD. Stopping and starting Roon changed nothing. I normally have WiFi disabled using wired Ethernet. I enabled WiFi and immediately disabled it. CPU immediately dropped from 280% to 4%


I tried this and had the same result. Started Roon with Wi-Fi disabled (I’ve been using a wired Ethernet connection via a USB to Ethernet adapter during this shut-in thing). The fans in my MacBook Pro came on moments later, so I remembered this thread and toggled Wi-Fi on and off. Fans coasted to a stop shortly after.

I wish there was a stack trace or logs we could provide.

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FWIW, I still have this problem from time to time. Perhaps less frequent now, but not fully resolved.

Hi @David_Snyder,

We’re still looking into this issue and we’ve recently spoken to the team regarding this, please see Dylan’s update here:

We have already done a deep dive into logs in the past, but haven’t found anything useful in particular, so as the next step we are now attempting to acquire hardware to see if this helps with reproducing in the QA lab.

Update from another with this problem - months will pass and I forget all about it, but after I reboot the iMac 2019 (Mojave on wired LAN) this always occurs. I’ll hear the fan spin up even if Roon is just sitting there, glance up at the hot pink %CPU box, turn WiFi on and back off, then watch the graph dip down to 1% as the fans calm down. It is wonderful to have a fix, as I am using Roon again, but…

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