High CPU Usage on Mac Mini

I also have high cpu usage from Roon on my brand new mac mini 3.2 GHz i7 16GB memory. Fan running constantly while roon is open but not playing. Mini gets warm(er). Not happy about the fan noise it creates.

Hi @Rumpole,

I have split your post as to better assist you. Can you let me know some additional info here?

  • What is the exact model of the iMac that you are using?

  • Do you have any active “tutorial” bubbles present in your Roon app? These are little circles that hover over words and contain instructions.

  • Is there an activity spinner present in the top right-hand corner of Roon? This is what the activity spinner looks like:

  • Is the behavior the same if you temporarily disconnect the OSX from the network and use Roon in an offline state?

  • Does rebooting the Core help?

  • What exactly are you symptoms here? Are you seeing dropouts, media loading slowly, UI unresponsiveness, ect?

  • How large is your library? What is the total tracks/album amount listed in Roon -> Overview?

I know this is an old topic but wanted to let you know that a SMC reset on my Mac solved the problem.

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