High CPU Usage on macOS

Roon Core Machine

Macbook pro 2015 Intel 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1G Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50 Wireless II

Number of Tracks in Library

4206 tracks

Description of Issue

When running Roon as a client on another mac laptop, the client inevitably starts consuming about 64% CPU on the 8-core laptop. I"m not positive yet, but this seems to happen after a night’s rest. When i get back, the roon client is always in some sort of error state e.g. “cannot read something or other”. When i click the back button in the client, it seems to recover, but I’m left with the high CPU consumption.

Acitivity Monitor samples attached (as screenshots, because your silly forum software does not allow me to attach text files)

Your client seems to be stuck in a loop with

FlushAllBuffers() → … → MenuBarInstance::SetServerBounds()

Nice. Could you be leaking listeners somewhere? There’s a huge number of these in the traces.


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Here is an error that shows up after my laptop goes to sleep:

same. when i sleep with roon playing (client on laptop) in the am the laptop is always very hot and roon consuming lots of cycles. haven’t traced the issue through the logs yet but assume related to your post. this is something simple and clearly a bug that needs squashing asap. thx for posting, hope something comes of it.

edit: i should add, i do not see any errors thrown by the client, no alerts. and when i unsleep the laptop the cpu usage immediately drops back to normal and cools down. fyi.

Do you run the roon client maximized/full screen? I do, curious as to whether this is part of the issue.

i do, yes, always. hm. will try not for next overnight.

Hey @dtich,

We’d love to hear whether keeping Roon minimized made a difference, that is, if you still can :pray:

We’re very sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply on this thread until today… :pleading_face: