High pitched beeps when accessing Qobuz but not own files on external hard drive

Core Machine
Rock on an Intel NUC 8i3BEH

Network Details
BT Home hub connected by Ethernet

Audio Devices
LAN connection to Aurlalic Altair

There is also a USB connection between the ROCK and the pre-amp but Roon does not locate it

Library Size

30,000 on external hard drive plus similar number of Qobuz ones

Description of Issue

Before tracks from Qobuz play there are two high pitched beeps. Occasionally there is a also a click

Tracks from my hard drive play fine

I take it this is a new problem.

Does it happen regardless of Qobuz file types - i.e. is it a problem for CD quality as well as Hi-res?

Have you rebooted everything?

Do you have other endpoints that you can try?

Thanks SMS

Yes it is a new problem but since an issue the other day which I thought I had resolved Rock stopped working 25/5/21 - #4 by John_Aiello

All Qobuz files are effected both CD and Hi - res

Yes rebooted everything

I do have other end points but they are not high quality and so it may be I just can’t hear the beeps on these


Hello @Ken_Talbot,

I am very sorry you’re experiencing this behavior :pensive: . Also, it is not what we hoped - taking this long to reply. Please, accept my apologies.

I was wondering, are you still hearing the high pitched beeps when streaming from Qobuz? If you stream directly from Qobuz (not via Roon), do you experience the same thing?

We’d love to help, even if it much later than we wanted :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka

Thank you for your message

Yes the beeps are still there

No they are not there if I stream from Qobuz taking Roon out of the equation

Neither are they there if I play via Roon from my hard drive or Tidal