High Res Audio On Andriod Phone - USB Audio Player Pro


Have been playing this for while and was pretty good! It has integrated Tidal, Qobuz, Internet Radio (including FLAC), SAMBA network for NAS and an optional MQA decoder (require in-app purchase for just USD 3.45).

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All you need is an external capable USB DAC (I used Topping DX3Pro desktop DAC for testing) hook up to the android phone and you are really go. It can play virtually any sample rates, DSD256 (DoP or native), DXD 24/352.8/384k or MQA decoded at 88.2/96kHz. Best of all, it bypass android Sampling Rate Converter (SRC) to provide bit to bit perfect conversion to the external USB DAC. Now looking for a small, cheap external USB DAC…


Or change your phone to an LG V30 or similar!

You’re right - UAPP sounds SO much better than anything else I’ve tried. The only niggle is that you can’t download Tidal music for offline use, so everything has to be streamed. In the scheme of things that’s manageable though.

I have to say the User Interface is getting better and better. The PEQ is also useful at times - I use it to tame the bass of Meze 99 Classics amongst other things.

Not sure whether it counts as cheap, but the Dragonfly Black works well with it.

This has been brought up here a number of times have a quick furtle through search etc and see there’s quite a mix of phones, DAPs and DACs that have had a go! :grinning:

I noticed if I use Tidal app, when downloading MQA contents for offline playback, MQA does not decode via the Tidal app, it will playback as 44.1/48kHz. If I do a live stream then MQA will unfold to 88.2/96k. Do you encounter this issue?

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Tidal App --> My Collection --> Settings Gear --> Quality --> Download --> Audio, select “Master”

I don’t know, I haven’t noticed to be honest. I’ll have a look, although probably not straight away - a family illness is taking a lot of my time at the moment

Just got an Ifi nano idsd which I am very impressed with. Can’t seem to get Roon to see it. Is this normal? Works with Tidal although MQA is not passed through which is annoying. Everything works great using USB Audio Pro but as Phil said no offline playback for Tidal. Also Qobuz does not work with it either. Is there anything I need to do to get Roon to see it or is it not supported ?

I’m appreciative of the forum contributor that pointed me in the direction of UAPP. I own both an LG V30 and a G7 (T-Mobile is my carrier), and UAPP now gets as much use as Roon because I can’t always get access to the AVR in our loft if my wife or son are watching movies. The LG phones are perfectly capable end points, especially when used with my better headphones. It does, unfortunately, take you back to the limitations of UPNP if most of your music sits on a server. I have never used Tidal’s feature to save music locally, so that limitation doesn’t bother me. Room’s continued challenges with Android resampling, and the availability of this alternative, will definitely weigh on my renewal decision this year.

Roon will only see your mobile not your external DAC you plug into your mobile.

If you are using Android phone, Roon will limit to 16 bit not 24 bit, so 24 bit MQA will not pass through.

Qobuz works great on USB Player Pro just like Tidal. Roon does not see because USB Player Pro doesn’t support it.

Been using this a lot and it’s great and sounds very good through the DragonFly Black. I have had it drop off a few times at the end of hires albums and can’t get it to play again without restarting the app. Anybody else had this?

Also been using it with BubbleUpnP so I can get my home music when away from home. Found the UPnP renderer a bit odd sometimes it shows up sometimes not. Dropped their support a line so hope to find out what the issue is.

Was thinking it would be great to have this app function as a Roon Bridge then I could use my phone as a decent endpoint until Roon sort out the Android audio restrictions.

I think this is known issue with this app, it will freeze :cold_face: if the external DAC is suddenly removed during playback. Sometimes, my USB cable becomes loose and the app will crash.

There’s another app you can try which is free, FiiO music player. Meanwhile, we have to wait for Roon to release (it is in their roadmap) a Roon music player for Android and iOS.

I had this app working on my Galaxy S7 with a Meridian Explorer², but it does not work with the Explorer² on my Galaxy Note 8 or on my Galaxy A6 tablet. The Explorer² is not recognised. No leds. Also no support from Meridian as they did not intend the Explorer² to work with Android devices.

Never removed it, it just stops and looses the DAC at the end of an album. It then won’t play anything at all from then on. Have to restart the app and it works again.

Any USB Audio Player Pro users successfully go bit-perfect into their automobile’s USB ports?

USB audio ports on car audio systems are unlikely to be USB audio protocol compliant they are general for iPods or usb sticks which are not this. Are they any that actually support USB audio protocol?

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