High temperature on NUC

I’m running Roon for Windows 10 64 bit on a fanless Cirrus7 nuc I7-8559u with 16 GB memory with Sumsung Evo 970 500 GB.

When I was listening music suddendly music stopped,when i went to the other room the Cirrus7 was very very hot and computer had shut down because of 100 degrees Celcius on Core 2 of the nuc.
The problem is that when I start on my nuc the Roon programme in a few moments the temperature of the cores goes to very high temperatures and I get warnings that the the core temperature is too high. I’m running now Roon a a trial for about 2 weeks it never happened before.
The I7 processor goes to values of about 95% on all cores. As soon as I shutdown Roon temperature goes back to normal level.

I’m running Roon over network to Metrum Ambre.

Any suggestions ?

Hi @Zahra_Khavary,

Sorry to hear about the troubles here. Can you please let me know if the Core has enough airflow around it? Is it perhaps located in a closet or drawer?

Do you by any chance recall the approximate time and date when this issue occurred? If so, can you let me know and then manually send me the logs from your Core by using these instructions? I would like to take a look to see if there was perhaps any abnormal behavior present.

Also, can you let me know some more information here? What kind of DAC(s) are you using with your Core? Were you performing any CPU intensive tasks at this time? E.g. DSD Upsampling, playing to multiple zones, importing a new hard drive containing music, ect.?

The core has enough aitflow,the date it accured was yesterdayevening between 21 and 22 hour local time.
i don’t have dropbox to sent files. i’m running roon for windows 10 64 bit. on c drive my music is located on the same computer on d drive. then the music go through cabled network to Metrum ambre and then to Metrum Jade dac. At he moment there were no other task done wirth the computer. At this moment I started Roon and in 1 minute temperature of Core 2 went over 100 degrees and computer went down.
As soon as I shut down Roon temerature goes right away to normal levels

I suggest you contact Cirrus7.

I’m already in contact but the only program that is causing this is Roon.
Now in the bios i switched off the turbo of the core and that seems to handle to problem but this is only a workaround the problem

That does not imply Roon is the culprit. If any software can cause your CPU to reach 100 degree Celsius, you have a PC hardware issue. Your PC has to be designed to tolerate maximum utiliziation without reaching unacceptable temperature. My guess it that whatever is used to dissipate heat in your PC CPU was installed in a manner that is much less than ideal, or transportation made it worse.

You should be able to reproduce the problem and prove this is a hardware fault by using other stress test software such as Prime95 with TurboBoost enabled, especially since Cirrus7 published its own Prime95 report:

Hi @Zahra_Khavary,

I would be inclined to agree with Peter here, this sounds like an issue with the hardware not having enough airflow to properly cool the CPU. I would try stress-testing the hardware to see if you can reproduce the problem with other apps. If you wish for me to take a look at logs for any abnormal behavior, you can also send them via send.firefox.com but the hardware issue would be my primary suspicion.

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