Hiss from Audio-gd NFB 11.28

I installed Roon core on my PC last week, I have a collection fo wav, FLAC and DSD files. the DAC is Audio-gd NFB 11.28 (http://audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFN1128/NFB1128EN.htm), connected to PC via USB port. the USB driver for Amanero combo 384 is latest on PC.

Roon shows the device in playback device, when I play song via this device, most of the time, it works, but some songs are full of hiss; some songs can turn into hiss in the middle of plaback. I am not sure if this is random or not.

is there anyone has idea what the problem could be? and is there a way to fix it?
thanks in advance.

Hello @Paul_L,

  1. Are you seeing this behavior when playing to the device using other applications?
  2. Are you using any of Roon’s DSP features such as DSD upsampling?
  3. Are you using the ASIO or WASAPI driver to play to the device?


Thanks for the reply John,

  1. I do have another Roon endpoint from Oppo UDP-203, on this endpoint, I don’t hear hiss so far, but I experience different problem on UDP-203, songs sometimes cannot be playbck and Roon decided jumping to next song by itself, sometimes jump to next song in the middle of playback. Maybe it is same issue as Audio-gd but UDP-203 might have better way to handle such situation rather than playing hiss.

  2. For Audio-gd, I didn’t use any upsammpling. For UDP-203, I upsample to 24 bits/192k since I use its SPDIF output.

  3. For Audio-gd, I tried both ASIO and WASAPI since they are listed as two different devices. Both has similar issue, but somehow ASIO doesn’t have Native DSD playback option, but WASAPI has DSD native playback option so I prefer to use WASAPI.

Hello @Paul_L,

  1. Can you try playing to the device using a different application on your PC with ASIO support? What application were you previously using for DSD playback? If you do not have one handy, you can download Foobar2000 and the ASIO component.
  2. Does this issue happen during PCM and DSD playback or only DSD?


  1. I have Foobar2000, but just installed ASIO as you recommend, I do see similar problem when playing back both DSD and FLAC, however when issue occurs, songs are completely silent, the prgress bar on Foobar is not moving. If I press next song, and it works again.

Previous I was on Mac with Audirvana and another bit perfect player, didn’t experience this issue.

  1. yes, this happen to both PCM and DSD playback.

@john I did some more tests during weekend. I noticed if I play via system output in Roon, I don’t have any issue.
when play via ASIO or WASAPI, Augio-gd DAC has same issue regardless file formats (wav, Flac, DSD etc.)