Hissing Noise from USB ouput of Intel NUC

@MarcMarc Just because of the LCD display screen and many music sources eg. Spotify Connect, Internet radio associates with which Roon not supported. I didnt know the upsampling is automatically and not able to changed.

Last week, i just ordered a Raspberry Pi 4 starter kit and 7" touch screen display with back case , plan to install Ropieee XL when it arrives.

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I have the same issue , use the NUC8i5BEH as roon client connected to chord quest.I made a lot off research and tested different PS , but still the same
NUC is a piece of noisy garbage which is good to use for the desktop not a media player , I fell into the trap of fan-less NUC , I’m thinking to replace it with RoPieee but not sure if it support Qutest or get a second hand bluesound 2i(what I had to do from the begging)

If you are using USB, one of these can do wonders.

I have a brand new NUC12WSHi7, no noise whatsoever in my two systems:

NUC → Benchmark DAC3L → Benchmark AHB2 → Sonus Faber Sarifino Tradition
NUC → Topping D90MQA → Rogers KWM-88 (tube amp) → Devore O/96

Perhaps newer NUCs have cleaner power supplies? Perhaps my two homes have more modern wiring? Perhaps I lucked out and received a good unit?

Happy that OP seems to be getting things sorted.


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Nice setup. @Kelly_Burkhart
I believe the latest NUC having a cleaner electrical system.

For noise mitigation issue, I have to bypass using the USB output from NUC, thus I am using network streamer CXN V2 as Roon Endpoint as below: -

a) NUC (Meshpoint 1) - CXN V2 (ethernet from Meshpoint 2) - Accuphase E280 - ATC SCM 11

b) NUC (Meshpoint 1) - CXN V2 (ethernet from Meshpoint 2) - Denafrip Ares II - Accuphase E280 - ATC SCM 11

Waiting to construct RPi4 with Ropieee … anyone recommend to use USB output from RPi4? or separate RPi4 DAC card (Digital HAT?) ?

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I have a similar device (not RPi). I run bridge on it and connect via USB. After getting things sorted (no easy RoPiee!), it sounds indistinguishable to my NUK/ROCK.

Discussion here: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/rpi-raspberry-pi-alternatives-tested/226216


Cool, thanks for the link, I intend to setup RPi4 with Ropieee and 7" inch touch screen display, as Drako shown in the step-by-step setup in his YouTube. I am noob in RPi4, need to learn more from this forum which is very helpful. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I was hoping to do, however RPi4 is very difficult to acquire right now.

If you run into problems ask. The hardest part is figuring out how to seat the ribbon cable for the screen.

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Thanks sir. I hope the next version of RPi, the microSD slot is not between this ribbon for easy removal :stuck_out_tongue: and need not to remove the back cover, a recessed slot with double push to eject/insert.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for the next version of raspberry pi. The way I get around the sd card thing is with a microSD extension cable.

@Fernando_Pereira Sounds like Chords are not only (IMHO) extremely ugly but also very badly engineered then.


You forgot overpriced

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Doesn’t that go without saying for pretty much any “audiophile” brand?

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They come with these lovely multi-color LEDs.

brilliant idea, nevertheless I would like have a cleaner (less wiring) setup… Just watched the new Orange Pi 5 with M.2 NVME slot for SSD. overkilled?

Not sure what you are referring to, I didn’t discuss any Chord gear on this thread…

Person you were replying to was complaining about getting noise into his Chords over USB, and you suggested using some USB trinkets. Which help (if at all) only on very badly designed DACs.

Mmmm, yeah, something like that.

They almost (almost) make d’Agostino gear look attractive.


I don’t know about “very badly designed,” I’m familiar with a wide range of DACs and their robustness to electrically noisy USB inputs is not well correlated with their other qualities.