History missing tracks played [Ticket In]

I was looking at last night’s history to play some of them on a lazy Sunday but am finding a big gap in my history.

I went from Brian Ferry’s in your mind to Dylanesque as shown in the last fm scrobble, but not in Roon History.

I have often suspected an issue here with the odd track missing but this confirms my suspicion.

Is this just me or a known issue, search didn’t reveal anything?


Caught it red handed SJB. Let’s drop flags for @mike and @vova and see if they can track it down. I’ve not heard of this as a known issue.

If you have multiple profiles, it might be worth checking to see if some of the tracks were played under a different one. The profile who picked the music is the profile who gets the entry in their history. All of the history views are per-profile.

Usually when I feel like I’m missing history, it’s because the profile was wrong. Also possible that there’s a bug, of course. if so, @mike and @vova will investigate.

Only one profile!


Would you mind to share logs? :slight_smile: I’ll contact you via PM.

Had the same today.
Constantly playing music this morning. History has a gap of maybe an hour.
All missing songs were from Tidal and not in my collection.

Not really a problem for me, but I want to mention it.

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@AE67, @Sloop_John_B, thanks for the report. I think I know how to reproduce this issue. I’ll let you know how the investigation goes.