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Hi there,

First of I need to say, I’m really enjoying Roon. Went for the 2-week trial, and after that cancelling my subscription didn’t even cross my mind.

I am now setting up Internet Radio. I live in Belgium, and listen mostly to VRT Radio. Their streams are available in both MP3 and HLS, HLS being the better quality.
You can find a list of all the streaming urls here: https://www.vrt.be/nl/aanbod/kijk-en-luister/radio-luisteren/streamingslinks-radio/

I have now added this URL for example to my Roon Internet Radio: https://live-radio.lwc.vrtcdn.be/groupc/live/582109ca-1e71-4330-93fc-e9affee94d7d/live.isml/live-audio=128000.m3u8

I found this URL by inspecting the main .m3u8 file. I saw reference to 2 qualities (64k and 128k). When adding this main .m3u8 I noticed Roon didn’t switch to the better quality.

However that is not the issue. I can go around that by specifying the 128k m3u8 manifest. The more annoying this is, the m3u8 manifest files contain references to chunks that go back 15 minutes in time. (I think they did this to enable users to rewind when they ware a few minutes too late tuning in to their favorite show.) Roon however starts playing the oldest chunks, thus is 15 minutes behind.

Is there a way for Roon to start by playing the most recent chunck?

Thanks for reading!

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Hello @Lieven_Coghe,

Thanks for your post here.

This is indeed some strange behavior, I have not previously seen radio stations implement two different chunks of streams and being able to rewind a live station, but with that said I’m able to reproduce your findings.

I will bring your case to the next QA team meeting to see if we can do anything here and will let you know what they say after we discuss.


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Hi @noris

I was wondering if there’s anything that can be done to this behaviour.
I am now forced to use the lesser quality mp3 stream.

Thank you,

Hi @Lieven_Coghe,

I just checked the status of the your ticket and I see that it is still in the dev team’s queue.

Unfortunately, I can’t say when exactly they will be able to take a look at this but I again have noted your interest in this ticket with them.

As soon as I have any new updates for you, I’ll be sure to let you know.

– Noris

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