Holo Audio May - Probably the best discrete R2R DAC?

Looks like another upgrade for Holo Audio Spring owners?


Available now:


Has anyone heard it or plan to get one ?

I have had the Holo Audio May L2 now for about 2 months. I bought it from the main dealer in Hong Kong and love his service and the joy this piece of equipment has brought to my modest setup. I have always been doubtful about “burn in” but after 300 hours continuous running tied to Qobuz, I was startled at the improvement from the already stellar sound I heard from the initial listening. I’m not much given to hyperbole but this DAC is truly amazing. I’m only using it in NOS mode and am now considering dipping my toes into the complex world of HQPlayer but still undecided as what I have now already sounds out of this world. Hope this helps.


I put my order in on 9/13 for a Holo May KTE DAC. This is my first foray into R2R Ladder dacs. I currently own the Matrix XSabre Pro MQA DAC which is no slouch. I’ve been waiting very patiently for an R2R DAC that had excellent measurements and the Holo May KTE DAC fits the bill perfectly.

the best dac you can buy, if you are looking at R-2R, is a Lector Digicode using 4 circuits 1704 (wich is the best r-2r ever produced) and tubes outputs

How are you liking the May? Presumably you’ve received it and have plenty of run-in time on it?

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Best DAC, I’ve ever heard or owned by a wide margin.

Visit this forum for great info and opinions. I’m Diavolo.

Here a link to my post with every review I could find.


Ah thanks, I’ve followed your journey on AS. Today I began the long wait (a couple weeks extra for Chinese New Year) for April to arrive.

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Is the only way to get a KTE May by ordering from kitsune? They don’t ship out of the USA…

Kitsune is Holo in the US. Europe has a distributor and I presume Asia orders direct. Yes, if Kitsune is the only way in the US to get one, currently.

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Great move, you will be a very happy audiophile soon.

I never thought a DAC at this price could best DACs I’ve owned and heard at multiples the price and they came without a dual-chassis dual mono lps design being employed. You’re a very smart person.

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