Holo Audio May review by GoldenSound

Very interesting review, @ipeverywhere .

@ipeverywhere , nice to see you (I still have questions for you and sent you a PM on another forum). I’m stuck waiting for your expert opinion.

I wonder is the sound difference between the L2 and the KTE is worth the money. It seems some features are cosmetic and I don’t mind having a copper head of wolf on the top plates. Same for many engravements.

Has anyone had the oppotunity to compare those 2 models. I fear also some inexpensive components such as the Talena blue transfo (it is possible to find on Ali a LPS board complete (no case) with this transfo for $18.90).

@andybob Nice to meet you

GoldenSound did compare L2 and L3/KTE in his review.

Short answer, for the $700USD more you get a couple % ‘better’. If $700USD is a significant amount for you, just get the L2. If not, and you want that last 2% get the KTE.

Err, with the recent price increase its now $800 more.

I’ve had the KTE for 4 months. Love it.

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