Holo Audio R2R Spring 2 - DSD1024 and PCM1536k

This is probably the first of its kind in the world that uses discrete implementation to support DSD1024 and PCM1536k. The second edition to the highly successful original Holo Spring R2R Spring DAC. It is still my reference DAC use today.


DSD1024 has been tested on USB input by this guy:


“there will be another DSD1024 DAC called “MAY” released by Holo audio after Chinese new year.”


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I’m a big fan of the original Holo Spring (Level 3), but IMO this numbers game is getting rather silly.


Something important:

"Another thing worth looking forward is its linux support. Since Spring 2 is the only DAC that supports USB DSD1024 at the moment. I hope LINUX will add its PID/VID soon for its native DSD1024 support. Currently, Spring 2 can only support linux DSD512 in a DOP fashion.

So for now, to experience USB DSD1024, windows system is the only way to go. But one can definitely use Spring 2 to try DSD512 on a linux platform."


Except that it brings DSD512 to Linux users via DOP, which solves a use case for many individuals who have wanted to try DSD512 and not bother with Windows.

Sounds like Jeff will be hard at work pushing out those amazing new DACs, 2019 is going to be a exciting year; new and updated stuffs, especially from Roon!

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So do any of you folks with more money than sense me plan to upgrade your gear ?

Bonus points if you also build a computer that can upsample to DSD1024 with HQP xtr filter (powered entirely by renewable energy, of course).

Existing users will find this upgrade to be minimum. Specs wise are impressive but does one really need such a high sampling rates? The only thing I’ll find that may improve the SQ is the use of femto clock, some capacitors upgrades in the audio section (The two big caps) and the USB interface card which supports the newer XMOS chipset, but this can also be upgrade for the previous gen.

For new user, this is a steal coz the price difference for the older and newer gens are not too far apart.

I’m using the I2S input, which I see is still preferred for the Spring so the USB upgrade isn’t important to me.

I’m not sure what the Spring 1 would fetch on the used HiFi market in Australia, it’s a Level 2 with Jensen PSU capacitors, but doesn’t have the silver transformer or wiring.

The remote is more attractive than I thought, as the Spring now acts as a switching centre in my rig. It’s got inputs from the microRendu/Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 (l2S), a computer (Coax1), the TV (Coax2), a CD transport (AES) and a Chromecast Audio (Toslink). I change inputs to watch films so a remote would stop reduce the frequency of my daughters laughing at me - “Why do you use this thing with it’s big box Dad, it doesn’t even have a remote …”.


If you can sell for about 60% of the original cost for the 1st gen (after 1yr++) and upgrade to the newer model I think it is worth it. The original Spring is quite well sough after for in eBay.