Holo Audio Roon program

Hi all,
I would like to know if the Holo Audio R-2R DAC “Spring 3” and the Holo Audio new streamer “Red” streamer are compatibles with the Roonlabs environnent.
Have this 2 devices received Roon certification?

  • Roon Tested for the DAC Spring 3 ?
  • Roon Ready for the Red streamer ?

If a member has the Spring 3, I would be interested in an exchange of experience?
Are you satisfied with this DAC?

Pleasure to reading you,

I’ve not used the Red streamer, but I’ve owned Spring 1 and now I own Spring 2 KTE and May KTE. Both DACs are currently driven by Roon>HQPlayer through NAA endpoints, but previously I had Roon Tested Ropieee endpoints with Pi2AES hats sending AES or I2S to the DACs. Never any issues except for the long-ish occasional PLL sync delays with the May.

Quite a few Holo DAC owners here use some form of external upsampling/DSD modulation, either through Roon or with HQPlayer. To my taste, a suitable HQPlayer configuration brings out the best from those DACs. I suspect the same would be the case with Spring 3.

I could be wrong, but my impression was that the Red would achieve Roon compatibility via Roon Bridge, so would not be officially ‘Roon Ready’. The info I last saw regarding that aspect was a little unclear about it.

Hi @Frederic_SERRE,

Checkout this Roon partner page …

The RED is compatible with Roon through Roon Bridge or with the RopieeXL firmware.