Holoaudio May KTE is listed as unidentified device

Hello to everyone,
I am using a E14 Lenovo ThinkPad with AMD Ryzen 7, 4.1GHz, 24 GB Ram, with Windows 11.
I did connect my laptop to my Holo Audio May KTE Dac via Usb cable.
After the initial setup the Roon app does see my Dac usb driver (Holo Audio UAC 2.0 Gen 2.1 Enhanced)
But my device is listed as “Unidentified Device”
When ı tried to select manually. I see several possible matches but my Dac model is not listed.
Roon web site mentionned that Holo Audio is Roon tested.
İs it normal that ı do not see my Dac model?
What should ı do so that Roon sees my Dac automatically?

Thank you

In order for Roon to identify your device in the way you want, said device must have been submitted to Roon for evaluation and many vendors don’t bother to do this.

It doesn’t really matter. It just means Roon won’t automagically fill in the appropriate setup for the device. You need to pick those options manually.

Congratulations on your choice of DAC. The May has been on my want list for a while.


Only the Spring models have been submitted for testing.


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