HoloAudio Spring R2R DAC got a detail review on May 2018 Stereophile!

This is most comprehensive review up to 7 pages in both subjective listening as well technical performance. Note, in NOS mode, this DAC produces almost a perfect impulse response at 44.1kHz! I included here are first two pages, want to see more, grab a copy today.


This DAC works very nice with software upsampling to DSD512, or 384k PCM. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using the level 2 for more than a year now, it is still my reference DAC.

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It will upsample to 705.6 PCM through the IIS input. 768 is broken for me (pops, clicks etc) but not sure if that is usual or just my unit.

I have one on order - pretty psyched to get to hear it!

Plus One, very sad about the delay do to parts shortages. Can’t wait, but I’ll have too I suppose.:weary:

Stereophile has posted a full review, see below:


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“The literalness of it’s transparency”.

Next time I see my mate with the electrostatic speakers I’m using this. “That sounds great Ian, but is the transparency literal enough ?”

I think the word ‘transparency’ is too vague and poorly described in this context. I think R2R is traditionally sounds ‘raw’ and ‘organic’ while SDM is more ‘smooth’ and ‘sweet’ sounding. Also when dealing with PCM, R2R seems to bring out the very best (without noise-shaping) while for DSD, it’s all about noise-shaping and SDM is designed for this.

But I do agree, R2R tends to excel in micro-dynamics and low level details presentations.

Removed on second thought.