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Are there plans to integrate Roon into Home Automation systems? I seem to recall that on launch there were proposals for a licence which would be designed for home automation systems. For example is there a proposal for Roon to integrate with Control4 so that either Control4 zones are Roon Players or that selecting a zone in Roon will be able to switch on audio zones in Control4?

We’ve started Crestron integration, and spoken to the other popular vendors. It’s on the roadmap.

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I was about to make a post about this, so happy to see that someone else is thinking about it.

I believe that Janus Technology in the UK will be rolling out a driver for Control4 for Sooloos in the not-to-distant future. Earlier today, I asked Janus if there is any reason they couldn’t also work on a Roon driver for Control4. Happily, it sounds like they are open to the idea and that there is no exclusivity that would prevent them from developing a driver. Given their familiarity with the new Control4 Media Services Proxy, and their work on the Sooloos driver, Janus seems to be a logical choice.

Having said that, I have another idea which I’ve begun speaking with Control4 about that I think could be very interesting for Control4 users and for Roon. If anyone from Roon would like to discuss it, please let me know.

Thanks for everything you do.

We met with Control4 and they were open to letting us do the work to integrate.

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I think there is a more substantial opportunity for both companies. Let me know if you want to discuss at some point.

Any progress or information on Roon and Control 4 integration. I’m hesitant to spend any additional money or make any decisions related to my Control 4 system which currently utilizes Sonos for whole house audio. I am ‘all in’ on Roon for music, so any future decisions I make on hardware, inclusive of home automation, will be heavily influenced on the willingness of a given hardware manufacturer’s support (or lack thereof) of Roon. So far I am happily using Roon through my Sonicorbiter SE to my Devialet Phantoms and through Airplay to a few other locations but would love to take further advantage of Roon through existing Control 4 set-up to additional rooms.


Are there any updates on Control4 integration? I have Roon and Meridian endpoints, and want to find a suitable solution :slight_smile:

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There are many different domotics systems out there to assume that you could actually address integrating with all of them, covering the variety of your customers.

This could be ameliorated if you could publish some sort of plugin interface, so that third parties could actually provide bridges…

One area I would appreciate some sort of integration is that of Receiver/Amplifier control.
In particular, volume control.

In my set-ups (and probably in that of others) the output of a DAC/Roon client goes to a networked audio equipment, exposing a network API through which one can change inputs, and modify the volume.

A typical operation I need to do is this: when I want to listen to music, I need to switch the input of my AVR to select my networked DAC (connected to the Roon server). I either use my Infrared remote for that, or my APP on the iPad. In any case, I switch to the Roon app on the iPad to actually select the music I want to play. Once I do this, I need to switch applicaitons again (or use the IR remote) to adjust volume.

What I would prefer as a scenario:

I decide I want to listen to some music, then I go to the Roon APP on my iPad, select the music, and hit play. After that, the receiver switches to the right input, and the volume control actually changes the receiver’s volume.

Of course, my ideal scenario could be very much improved (e.g., adding scenes in which i want some lights to be dimmed, devices to be grouped for the occasion, etc…), but this is not that important.

Your published architecture does not give enough details to understand how easy/difficult it would be to produce my scenario with the current code base. But if it is not far, perhaps having some sort of plug-in API for third parties would allow some of us to fix our needs, and contribute to make your product more useful.

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@Josep: we are hoping to get this api/integration in on our 1.3 release


@danny That sounds great! I look forward to it.

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I’d be keen to use Roon with one of the z-wave controllers, like Vera Plus or Fibaro. Too many home automation systems only work with Sonos today.


@lolo90 – what do you do for volume control and are you using the Sonicobriter SE’s optical output to speak to the Phantom?

As far as volume I always used fixed volume and controlled the volume via the wireless volume control knob Devialet sells separately or their Spark app.

Originally I used optical out to the Dialog but found that occasionally I was hearing static. This did not occur during streaming directly from Devialet Spark app so I thought it was the Sonicorbiter or the Dialog. So I made two changes to setup: switched the optical out to go into one one of the phantom’s and replaced the Sonicorbiter with a Rasberry pi 3/HifiBerry Digi+ endpoint which solved the problem. Since it was working I never switched the source back to the Sonicorbiter to determine whether it was a Devialet Dialog or Sonicorbiter causing the problem.

Reading through a forum devoted to the Devialet Phantom I believe the problem is with Devialet as other user have had static issues with sources going to dialog via optical rather than the Phantom and they could eliminate the issue by running the source into the Phantom. Supposedly Devialet is aware of issue and working on solving. But they are not very transparent nor timely regarding such things which is frustrating.

So I’m lead to believe that there are problem hooking up sources directly to the Dialog including my experience with the Somicorbiter. When I have a chance I will connect my Sonicorbiter to my headphone amp/dac and see if there is any issue but I’m guessing there won’t be. Lastly I stream to the pi 3 via squeezebox protocol not RAAT and will ultimately switch that over Hope that’s helpful.

Is Apple’s Homekit feature being look at in this respect, or is that not a suitable interface/protocol?

if you want to make a homekit <–> roon bridge, you will be able to do so using our forthcoming api.

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Control4 would be great!


Is this still on the 1.3 roadmap? (I really want Crestron integration, but I’m sure Control4 and Savant would be popular too.) Thanks.

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I really want Control4 integration, but I’m sure Crestron and Savant would be popular too. :wink: (More people use the cheeper systems i would guess but hey. I’m not a Custom Installer)

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yup… api is in active development