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I did something similar to your python script:
I have it running on a raspberry pi which is used as a SqueezeLite endpoint. It is equipped with the Hifiberry Digi+ and a touch display. When nothing is playing the displays will shut down. I used this as a trigger to turn on and off my Rotel PreAmp. I am also checking a Sonos Connect to switch to the right input in the preamp. I have documented it here.

Any updates here? Specifically interested in Control4 and Savant integration eta?

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Crestron integration please, bonus points for Smart Graphics Media Player compatibility.

Do you have any updates with integration with control4? My installation of Meridian endpoints is expecting in a few weeks and won’t mind even trailing a beta if there’s one :).

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One more person keeping an eye out for Crestron integration (and Control4, too).

And another one here looking for Crestron integration… I’ll volunteer as a beta tester if you need one.

What is the status of the Control4 integration?

Will the API allow to use the Roon interface ond the Control4 touchscreens and apps? As we are 1 year later… any update on timing?

API is in beta now:


We will be looking into automation next…


Thanks for clarification. Your first example is my case. I use USB<->RS232 adapter, so I connected OPPO with RPi. Now I know that in my case I must run extension on my RPi device.

I asked because I thought about another possibility (but it is not developed as far I can see). Run extension on RoonServer device directly but discover or even “relay” serial/USB from RoonBridge endpoint. But maybe it is just overkill. :wink:

Right now I am finishing to set up node/npm environment on RPi. It is not the fastest machine, so it takes some time.

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Hello there

Since some time i look for a control4 driver for roon, and i already had contact with janustechnology some time ago - with little success due to development costs and unknown chances of commercial success. To make it short: is there a plan to create a driver as 1.3 with it’s api is out now?

We have a client that is a real roon fan, but unfortunately we can offer him no real choice but to switch his inputs and let him change to the app for controlling roon… As far as i read there is still some interest in a control4 driver. Do you intend to create one, and if yes, when will we be glad to test it? :wink:

Thank you

I would love to have an app to display cover art on what is playing on a specified zone using a small Raspberry Pi display or connected to an HDMI port on a monitor.

Anything new to report regarding Control4 integration?

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@danny Does this mean that Roon is showing drivers for these automation environments? That would be fantastic!

Control4 would be great!

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Excited to learn more about Control4 integration! :grinning:

Hi all,

Apologies for my ignorance but can someone share some real world examples of what Roon and Control4 integration could bring to the home?

When I say real world, I mean not too futuristic (like 5 years from now) but moreso if used with gear that’s available today.

In other words what could be done in the home, with gear available today.

This sounds like an exciting development and I’m keen to learn more.

Are we talking about something like when you turn the lights on, a Roon system in your home could start playing music automatically?

Many thanks in advance !

I would be content with just being able to power up my home theater system and launch Roon with one push of the button from my Control4 system.

Thanks. So one advantage is powering up and powering down multiple things at the same time.

Are there any other things possible today, if Roon and Control4 integration were released right now?

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With Plex and Kodi I can view my movies with descriptions and images from my Control4 application, tablets, and remotes. It would be great to do this for Roon.

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