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Still waiting to learn more about what this Control4 integration means to an end user? Anyone have more details to share yet?

Same here. Especially with what’s possible today/this year, preferably not 10 years from now (mind control etc)

@brian can you share some of the excitement around this?

The Control:4 integration is similar to other media-service style Control:4 integrations out there. Sonos + Bluesound are good references, but we provide more browsing/searching capabilities than the current Sonos driver.

You can see nowplaying information, do some basic browsing/searching, manipulate transport controls, control volume/mute, etc.

Crestron, Control:4, and RTI are meant to be installed by a pretty hands-on integrator who sets them up using software tools and training not made available to the general public. In this regard, they are very different from things like HomeKit, SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home, etc which are meant to be set up by the end user.

So–it is likely possible for your integrator to script something like “lights on = press play” but that is up to them to do. Our job is to expose the lower level hooks so they can do what they want.

My sense is–with all three of these systems–that the resulting experience you get from it is very dependent on the integrator knowing what they are doing.


Fantastic, thanks Brian. Definitely a watch this space area.

Brian, I am an integrator and was one of the beta testers for Janus’ Control4 driver for Sooloos. I posted the tweet to specifically ask what was being shown in the booth at CEDIA. Is there a working driver? Is it possible for an integrator (authorized Control4 dealer) like me to add it my home system project for beta purposes? Is it close to general release? My working assumption is that it will likely be something like the Sooloos implementation with better execution within the significant limitations of the current media proxy. If you’ve improved upon the browsing/searching speed of the Sooloos/Control4 driver, that would be fantastic. If, however, you simply were offering basic transport and source control such that a user could select source/zone using Control4 (with or without programming) and then switch to Roon Remote on a tablet, phone or PC, that would be very welcome also. Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.

I think this is exactly what I am hoping for. @David_Korus, I volunteer my Control4 system for you to test on. :grinning:

Yes, it is based on the media proxy. We demoed a working driver at CEDIA that did all of the things that I described above. The driver is substantially done, but is not yet packaged or documented. I don’t know anything about the Sooloos driver, so I can’t compare the two in any meaningful way.

I’ll make a note that you are interested in beta testing. I don’t have exact timelines yet, but the intent is to release the drivers alongside Nucleus.


Is there any possibility of reverse integration? I.e. if you link a Roon Zone to a Control 4 zone, simply hitting play on a zone in the Roon ipad app would send a command to Control 4 to select that roonplayer in that control4 zone and switch them on?

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Awesome! A dream come true. Thanks for noting my desire to beta test. Endpoints at my house - MS200, Ensemble, 7 Sonos endpoints (4 Play:3s and 3 Connects) a Transporter and an IQAudIO RP3. Roon database runs on a QNAP NAS. Digitized collection is about 5300 albums.

I doubt you’ll see that in a native sense (Control4 driver) anytime soon, if ever. There have been requests for IFTTT integration and I believe there is already a documented way to do so transport control via IFTTT. There is a driver available that links IFTTT with Control4, so as that set of integrations evolves, it may be possible to get the functionality you are looking for over time.

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The idea came up while we were working on the integration, but we didn’t get as far as determining feasibility. I agree that it would be neat to use C4 to bridge source switching + volume/mute controls to make them available in the Roon UI. No commitments on that yet :slight_smile:

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Not sure how much you can or want to share, but assuming the driver leverages the proxy such that zones (rooms) can be added to a single source stack or such that zones can be “linked” and/or transferred, is the driver “smart” enough to know which “like” sources can be combined? Because the Sooloos driver only worked with Sooloos endpoints, this wasn’t an issue. In the Roon world, If I’ve got many different endpoints exposed within Control4 (say an MS200, multiple Ensemble outputs and some Sonos units), if one tries to combine two zones will the driver know which ones to show (capable of being combined with the “now playing” one)?

The driver knows, but I’m not sure whether or not we’ll be able to effectively communicate this to C4.

Thanks Brian. Looking forward to seeing it.

I would love to install it in my Control4 system!

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Any chance of trying the Control4 Roon driver? I would love to install it and test it.

I would love to beta test it

Still hoping to Beta test the Roon driver for Control4…

Just signed up to be a Nucleus dealer. Really excited to get my hands on that Crestron driver. We have been waiting for this for a long time! My hope is that the driver will have control over Roon endpoints similar to the app. It would elimiante the need to have a NAD/Bluesound and Roon control…Roon would be Lord of the Rings:)

I have a couple of Control4’s Triad One amps in my system, taking digital input from my TV, but it is also a streaming endpoint for C4. I’d sure like it to be a Roon endpoint too. But to keep things simple, it would be nice to make C4 and endpoint (or multiple endpoints) for distribution to the C4 system, and keep one or two “special” zones as separate Roon endpoints that C4 can still control. In my case, I would just need three Roon endpoints: Living Room, Music Room, and Control4, and if my C4 screen had the Android tablet Roon interface, I would be happy, and my wife would be “less confused” making all my technology work.