How about a Denafrips Sub-section?

I know that there are a lot of Denafrips users here. How about a separate sub-section here on the Roon Forum? Denafrips is now making DACs and DDCs along with amps, preamps and headphone amps. There is an open topic called Denafrips DAC users. That could be the start. Just a suggestion that I know others have made.

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Is there a threshold at which a brand is provided its own sub-section? There are Denafrips settings that are informally discussed among users. I am guessing that things like slow and fast filter, NOS and use of i2s would be helpful to new users. DDC audible difference and where the Terra comes into play are other interesting areas. Although having such a subsection has been requested in the past, perhaps it not common enough to warrant placement.

Manufacturer needs to have Roon capable product line.

I think maybe you are correct here.

Is that a guess or a fact? There is an Audeze section. Not sure how they qualify if this is the case.

I was told that, by (I think) @Carl, a while ago when I also asked about a Denafrips section.

Probably due to the Audeze presets in DSP:

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