How add stations from

Try to add radio stations with links from (like “Piano Jazz Music -”) but a red message say “don’t find a radio station in this url”. How can to solve it?

It can’t be done. It’s a premium service and you need to sign up. The ‘free’ channels are

For a limited time only, you can enjoy all our channels. After this, you will have access only to the music available in the Today’s Free Channels section.

If you do sign up, then the channels will need to be added to your my live radio as a private URL

Yes, I have premium account. Can you try with another url of free radio? Thanks

Free channels will not work. If you have a premium account, then I suggest you get in touch with

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We will see it tomorrow morning together.

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Go to, make sure you are signed in. Follow their guidance to get your unique urls for your favorite stations. Make sure you have audio quality set to max (320).

Hi Brian. I would like to ask if my platform allows me to upload a few seconds video of the module placement process from to roon’s My Live Radio.

I tried to do it, but it did not allow me …

No, the forum won’t allow it, but if it’s hosted elsewhere you can paste a link and that should work.

No. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to upload it elsewhere. Unless you have a website to suggest to me.
If not, it does not matter, I will do it with a screenshot…

No, sorry. But a screenshot or two with your words of wisdom…?

Ok. I will try to do it in words. I do not know, is there a limit to the number of photos?

I’ve never found a limit.

Ok Brian. Thank you very much for the information…

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