How are folks handling their video libraries?

I’m currently using Kodi and Control4 to control my library of music and video (Mostly Bluray rips and MKV of concert). I am planning to start using Roon. Are there any options I should be looking at that would offer an easy way to switch from Roon to my video library or from my video library to Roon?

I use Plex. It has vast device support if that’s what you are asking including streaming out of your home and device syncing.

I’m pretty sure it would never happen but it would be great to be able to play Tidal music clips through Roon…

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Yeah, kind fuzzy what I’m asking. :grin: I guess what I’m interested in knowing is whether there is a video library/player app that works especially well alongside Roon. In a perfect world, Roon would handle both my music and video libraries so I could do all my media listening/watching from the same app. Since that’s not the case, I’m curious what apps people are using alongside Roon for video.

Plex is great for video it does meta data as well as Roon and has more remote and portable features to be honest.

I wouldn’t want Roon to do both and in all honesty Roon is a long way from having the features plex has in this regard. I love both side by side.

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I’m not necessarily asking for Roon to do video… though it would be nice. :grinning:

I am looking for a good solution to running side by side though. I have a lot of concerts in my media library. I would like to be able to easily jump from music to video and back. I’ll have to give Plex a try.

Curious… any Roon users tried both Flex and Kodi? Recommend one over the other?

Tried both, Prefer Kodi.


Thanks! What is about Kodi that you preferred? They both worked okay alongside Roon?

@DrTone, @evand,

Are you running Plex/Kodi on the same PC as your Roon server?

I don’t, Plex needs way more power for my stuff. I run a six core processor overclocked so that it can transcode 3-4 streams at a time.

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No, but only because it doesn’t have a available storage. Content is stored on a HP microserver and Kodi is running on an ODROID C2.

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For movies, I use the name that shall not be spoken, but starts with ‘J’ and rhymes with shiver.:sunglasses:

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I have some HD MKV files and Bluray ripped to folder structure. I’m playing direct to my TV via the PCs HDMI out. No need for transcoding. All of my media files are stored on a NAS.

Can a single i5 NUC handle both?

Can I play a movie using Kodi while simultaneously using Roon to play music to a different zone in the house?


I have used Kodi on a HTPC and subsequently on the Nvidia Shield. This solution was great but it was not as easy to use (keyboard + mouse + amplifier remote)

I then tried VLC on the Nvidia Shield and the same on an Apple TV4.

All solutions work but the Shield and ATV4 come on top for being the easiest to use.

The problem I ran into was the ‘loud explosions - low volume for dialog’. The Shield and ATV4 do not offer any Audio EQ adjustments which is annoying.

Tried Plex but it cannot play 4K and 1080i 24Mpbs files .ts + .mpg + ,mkv
like I have on my Video Server who plays ALL but without metadata posters.

I dont want Transcoding , just DIRECT PLAY as Roon does with TAGS + POSTERS , ETC…

Thousands of clients waiting for a Roon type for 500 LIFE FEE or more… to cover their video file needs…Roon is listening ???

Lets’ wait some good news…

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Are there any Roon type solutions for video files 4K , .ts, .mkv , etc…?

I use Plex to play my MKV files. Not sure about 4K.

Although I only use it to oraganize my videos, I guess JShiver is always an option.

Every time you write ‘JShiver’ a kitten dies.

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Ha,Ha, that’s funny.:laughing:
I guess there’s no point in re-hashing how I feel about them. Prepare the slaughter of more innocents.

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Tried Plex but it cannot play 4K and 1080i 24Mpbs files .ts + .mpg + ,mkv