How can I change directory structure for use in the car?

I have put all of my Roon Library on an external hard drive and imported a lot of stuff it directly into roon. The upshot of this is I have a bunch of directories that don’t conform to the standard for showing the artist, album etc. It just says imported into iMac. You guys know the drill.

This is my only library. Is there a way for me to run some sort of app or program and transfer this to another hard drive that would be suitable for use in a car? Any step-by-step directions would be especially welcome!

I use JRiver for things like this. I keep one library for Roon and everything is FLAC. I keep another library for my Car and everything is MP3 (because my car can play FLAC, but the track order is all messed up). The other thing I like about this sort of setup is it’s easy to move music onto my SD Card for my car.
JRiver is as ugly as sin with the personality of an inflatable doll. But for music management it works great. I don’t think Roon will ever be very good at the things JRiver does well.

Couldn’t agree more, I use JRiver for tagging and general library maintenance it has some superb tools

The UI is “ugly” but comprehensive . anyone really listening is unlikely to use the main Windows UI more likely a much more eye friendly remote like Mconnect or JRemote . For maintenance its a $60 investment for a toolbox (you get DLNA thrown in :smiling_imp:)

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Guys thanks. I appreciate it. But can Jriver take my Roon library and “convert” it to an iTunes like structure that my car will be able to read (Mercedes MBUX)? I need to find a solution that will do this conversion for me.


Hmm, I found this screen on the dBpoweramp site.

It would seem to imply one could change directory structure on a convert.

Free to try.

I use DBpoweramp to rip. I’ll see what happens if I take a Roon upland and feed it into this…

Welp, it will convert, ok, but I would have to manually name each directory for each Roon Upload, which is possible but hugely tedious and I’d like to avoid if I can…

Yes. You can export with or without format conversion and specify the output file/folder structure any way you want, such as the typical music/artist/album/track.

Perhaps you could do it as a two step process?

Step 1: Use Roon’s “Export to a Folder” function to export the albums that you want to listen to in the car. Roon uses the basic metadata to create Artist/Album folder structures automatically.

If your car player can handle FLAC files, you’re probably done, but if not (and also if your car player can’t handle Hi-Res files), then you need:

Step 2: Use dBpoweramp to batch convert the file formats into those that can be handled by your car player.

Sure, of course. But is it smart enough to know that, say, the 8 or so tracks from “Workingman’s Dead” that are in a folder with a Roon-stamped date needs to go into a folder with Artist/Album?

This sounds promising. My car WILL read Flac!!

Yes it creates Artist/Album structures from the metadata. Example, I export 8 albums:

And the “Lakmé” album was in a Roon timestamped folder; the Export process has created an Artist folder " Michel Plasson" with a “Delibes-Lakmé” folder within it.

Awesome. I just tried a sample with that album and it worked. I now need to go to each Roon import (sigh) and then create an artist/album folder.

mp3tag will also automatically reorganize folders and/or filenames based on the metadata tag fields. (note, despite the name, its a tagging program that handles virtually all codec types, including FLAC. It’s my go-to tag editor for many years.)

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No - Roon does this for you!

@Geoff_Coupe So, you would suggest that I simply do a mass transfer of all my Roon stuff to the HDD?

Don’t forget (and apologies if you are aware of this) but your Roon library database does not contain the actual music - it is simply a database that points to where the actual music resides; be it on your local drive or via streaming service.

If you simply exported the Roon library you would not hear anything at all and the music the database is pointing to would not exist.

You need to copy all the actual music across to whatever storage device you will be using in the car.

Again, apologies if I am teaching you to suck eggs however it is not clear from the thread to date that this is what you intended doing.

No - the Export function has two aspects:

  • Export to a Folder
  • Export to a spreadsheet

The Folder export contains your local files (clearly it does not deal with streamed music)

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I would first do a test! Take a subset of your local albums and try it out…

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Thanks for the clarity Geoff - I was not aware of that. Useful :smiley:

BTW, when the Export to a Folder function completes, you will see a “Remove” button. It may seem obvious, but don’t click it - it will proceed to remove the albums from your Roon Library if you do…