How can I change directory structure for use in the car?

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Welp, hmmm…this works on a single album basis. If I try to do a bulk export of say 4 albums, it hangs. I may have to ID the Roon imports and simply do those one by one, unless I’m missing something.

Shouldn’t be hanging. Where’s your Core? Mine’s on a ROCK/NUC, and it will proceed without problems (see my screenshots earlier)

Erm - you are trying to export local albums, aren’t you? Clearly this process is not intended for streamed albums in your library…

Mine’s on a ROCK/NUC. And yes, all my stuff is local :slight_smile:

I found that this seems to be happening to others:


Ach - there are the occasional advantages to using Windows and avoiding Apple products, it would seem…

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How dare you :wink:

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I couldn’t resist… Sorry. :wink:

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Don’t really understand the question, but JRiver will scan your library, organize it by artist and album, and export it however you want. There’s a free trial you could use to test it. You would list ‘albums’, select all, right click, and select ‘send to’ and select drive/device.

I’ll give Jriver a try too.

@SKBubba. Thanks, trying it now. Impressive! But if I try to send to an external device, it says “n/a”


Select as many albums as you want by clicking or 'hold click" multiple albums, then right click to bring up “Rename, Move or Copy Files”, then fill in the blanks. The most common album structures are given as defaults. But you can modify it up the wazoo if you want.
Then click OK and it goes about it’s business copying all the files to the new location.

Wow, amazing. Is it possible to do a bulk find cover art? Some is missing. Also, do you know whether flacs will show cover art?

I REALLY appreciate your help here!

tools>cover art>get from internet.
I believe the jpg file gets imbedded in the flac container. But not sure about that.

@grossmsj one more question: if I try to copy my zillion songs to the external, it gives me the artists/folders, but no actual songs. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Hmmm… I don’t know. I just did that same album using the same settings in my screenshot and moved the files into the folders on my USB drive. I can even play the music from that thumb drive.
Probably will need to show a screenshot of what you are doing. Also, if you look at my screenshot you can see how each file is being written. You should see the same thing too. If it’s showing the filenames and not writing the files it might be something else.

ok, I’ll try again thanks so much

One option not considered is yate ( It’s a super powerful meta data editor that I use for music meta data editing and maintenance (I don’t do any in Roon) – probably the best one I’ve found. You can output any directory structure of your music with it. So you could have one setup for Roon and another one for your car. You’d just point it at your entire music library and it would read it all in. You could edit any meta data if you want (or not). Then you’d setup and output the music in whatever structure (or structures) you’d want. There IS a learning curve with this software, however, so if you’re looking for a simple, easy, one and done process that you’ll never use again, this probably the wrong tool. The inventor of the product is super helpful if you have questions while learning and answers very quickly.

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@Craig_Palmer Yes, I have tried it. Way above my pay grade!!! :wink:

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Another option is TuneFusion, by the creator of dbpoweramp (the music ripping/converting software that I use). It is a tool that is specifically designed for taking music from one location and copying it elsewhere. Can do conversion on the fly, deal with arranging folders/names how you want, etc. Has lots of powerful ways to do automatic things, random things, etc. I use this to automatically copy recent albums to my iphone (running foobar2000mobile), converting them to mp3 LAME -V2 files at the same time. And it’s doing all this over my local network, via WIFI. Nice tool.

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Not sure. On Windows it lists any usb attached drives/sd cards etc. as targets to choose from.