How can I focus on certain subcategories of Classical music?

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Windows 10 current / Roon 1.8 790 64-bit

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Description Of Issue

I want to focus on (i.e., display) all oboe concertos in my library. Not all have “oboe concerto” in the album name. Is this possible?

I have custom tags “subgenre” and “instrument”. Can they be used in Roon to do this? Or is there another way? (Outside Roon, I would just search on genre Classical, subgenre Concerto, and instrument Oboe, and voila!)

Similarly, I’d like to display all classical guitar albums. Is there a way to do this?

In both cases, I notice that featured instrument is not an item that one can focus on. Or is there a way that I have missed?


OK, the weird thing is, when I bring up the album display of a classical release, little ovals appear underneath the + (Add to Library button) with subgenres of classical, and clicking on them is an entry. But oddly enough, the same subgenres don’t appear with Focus. Is this a bug or a feature? :slightly_smiling_face: