How can I get MQA 192K and DSD out of my MAC Mini?

How can I get MQA 192K out of my MAC Mini?

The Aune X1S is a 32 bit/384 DSD DAC but Roon won’t let me select “native” because it doesn’t see a DSD DAC.

Do I need a USB converter and connect the AUNE X1S via Coax digital input?

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HI Martin,

I am mainly listening via Headphone Stack. I have Equator D5 desktop speakers.

Core Core Machine
2014 Mac Mini Version 12.6.2
Processor: 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Connected via Cox Cable WIFI

AUNE X1S 32/Bit 384 DSD DAC
THX AAA789 or Schiit Magni

Library: 31,000 Tracks 31.25GB

I have a few DSP settings.


From what I know apple does not do native dsd, only DoP. How do you connect to AUNE? USB? Check the settings before the DSP for the endpoint
Or for MQA; Maybe uncheck Roon Core processing of MQA and the right settings for AUNE (if it is render or decoder and render)
Sorry not much of a info but hope it helps until someone knows better and posts

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