How can I help in translating to Egyptian Arabic?


How can I help in translating to Egyptian Arabic?

We are looking into proper right-to-left support + the character shaping required to pull off Arabic.

However, there is a problem with the UI still being designed for left-to-right.

Tell us how bad it would be if we kept things left-to-right in the UI but supported right-to-left for all text.

Hi Danny … thanks for your reply into my inquiry
you do not have to have a proper Right to Left Translation
however let us start by displaying the Arabic Letters and words inside the song titles instead of just dashes and commas.
then we can very easy translate the rest of the interface and keep it the way it is.
Roon in particular does not have a Windows usual interface all your menus are on the side so it is very easy to just keep it the way it is but display it in Arabic.
all song wording is not necessary initially and it should only provided to the streamers like tidal and others if any singer or label company desire that . so you ability to display the character set will take care of it and you leave the UI from Left to Right.
See most Arabic speaking nations and in particular Egypt will still use the English version and listen to the English Tunes
by the way I am proud life time member of Roon and Tidal subscriber
also intended to Email Gary Dews the owner of BorderPatrol DAC’s to Certify their products because he design a hell of a musical DAC.
So if you please let me know how and when we can start translating to Arabic … the Market is huge and the gain is very big
Ashraf Botros

@Ashraf_Botros Release 1.7 includes Arabic script support and proper handling of RTL/bidirectional text. If you’re still interested in an Egyptian Arabic translation, it is now possible.

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Hi Allan Hsu of course I’m interested in helping out in any way i can . Just let me know how and when and i will start … thanks


@mike, can you get him bootstrapped as an admin there?

@Ashraf_Botros - I made you a translation admin so you should be able to add some notes and conventions to our Egyptian Arabic translations in the system.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks!