How can I see parametric EQ settings in Roon Remote mobile app for Android?

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I roon remote I cannot see nor modify parametric eq settings. I can enable and disable it but I do not know what settings I am using. Is it possible to see th elist of rpe set I have created in roon PC app?

Put simply, not on Android phone no.
You will need at least an 8" tablet based remote to do this.

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Hello! Thanks a lot. But can I at least know what EQ profile I am aplying when enabling it? Can I perhaps use the MUSE general preset to assign a parametric EQ profile and then select the preset on the roon remote?

Yes, as long as you have saved an EQ profile by name you can select it (I don’t have an Android phone but can see my saved EQ presets on my iPhone).

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OK. just to be clear, I cannot select an EQ profile in Adroid with my smartphone. I can select a general MUSE preset though with the headroom management, sample rate conversion and all the selected filtes.

I have tried to upload a screenshot. You can see on the top the general preset. But I cannot see nor select the EQ saved profiles. So I can only guess the preset is loading the EQ profile linked to the preset which I can see in the PC roon app.

Yes but you can create different presets each with different EQs and any other filters on or off. But yeah you can’t see what the EQ is. You can make screenshots on a larger device and save them on the phone as a workaround.

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Thanks a lot. I can use a recognizable and descriptive name of the presetting and you are right I can take screenshots. This is an excellent idea I did not think of.
Incredible support from the community! Thanks to all for your immediate support. I am impressed.

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